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05/20/2016 - Friday Update #181

This week, we’ve been working on improving the performance of the current basic templates for our powers system, so that the amount of data being used is streamlined and handled more efficiently to prevent potential slow-downs when multiple players are logging in together.

We’ve also been working on some more basic animations, focusing on the very important comic book concept of flight – with the two major subdivisions of standard flight animations being flight with a cape, and flight with wings, both of which we’ve been busy creating recently. Both sets of animations include the key movements for rising, falling, moving forwards, moving backwards, strafing to the left and to the right, and hovering, which can be combined together to give a smooth transition between them as the player changes direction during flight.

This, combined with our earlier work on super speed animations and super jump animations now means that we just have teleportation left to complete of the major travel powers used in ‘City of Heroes’ before we have a basic set of animations for all of them.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team