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11/27/2015 - Friday Update #156

This week, we’ve been doing some coding work on a way for player characters and NPCs to detect background objects in the environment - both static and moving – which includes anything that’s not another player character or NPC.

This function is very versatile, and will be used for a number of systems in the game – for example, it can detect vertical surfaces such as walls and cliffs, which is the basis of more complex movement activities like using super speed to run on walls – although we need to do further work to make sure that the transition from horizontal movement to vertical movement is as smooth as possible, along with a combination of animation blending and a suitable camera angle change to ensure that it follows the player’s movement changes correctly.

Another use for the function when combined with others will be to detect interactive environmental objects – these can range from simple and easily noticeable things such as computer terminals or chairs that can be sat on to more complex and less noticeable things like small clues or other bits of information that players can use as one of the routes though particular bits of story content.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team