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04/30/2016 - Friday Update #178

This week, we’ve been doing some more work on coding our powers system, with the focus still on getting the basic framework in place and functioning before we start adding more to it. One of the key goals for this system – as well as others in the game – is to set them up in a way that allows non-coders on the development team to still be able to input some data into them, to maximize the efficiency of the game’s development, although this approach does mean that the initial work takes longer in the short term, but will pay off a lot in the longer term.

We’ve also been expanding more of the story and setting ideas that have been in place in the backstory for a while now, but have been given less attention while we’ve been focused on developing Titan City, as that’s going to be the first part of the game that players will see, and will always be the central hub, both story-wise and socially, of the entire game setting, no matter how many other settings we might eventually add to it.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team