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04/21/2018 - Friday Update #281

This week we’ve been doing some more work on the enemy NPC AI, with a focus on two important basic actions - wandering and patrolling.

Making sure that the enemies have an AI that is suitably responsive to their environment is obviously a major priority – we want to avoid the kind of situation in ‘City of Heroes’ – as well as a lot of other games – where each mob is almost completely independent from the other mobs, so that engaging one mob in combat doesn’t alert nearby mobs, even if they’re within the line of sight of the battle.

We also want mobs to be more organic in their activities, instead of standing in clearly defined groups as if they’re just hanging around waiting for the player to show up – which is exactly what they are doing in many games. Our aim is to have all the NPCs placed if they are doing something, even if it’s just resting – and to have them logically placed for whatever action they are carrying out.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team