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07/15/2017 - Friday Update #241

This week, we’ve been continuing with the adjustments to the design of the character creation system from last week, refining the origin choice area of it.

As we’re making a comic book game, all of our design decisions are naturally based on what would be the best mechanics to realize that goal, so not making our origin system be based on the design of the origin system in ‘City of Heroes’ was one of the first decisions that we made early on in our development, as it was both too restrictive and almost entirely cosmetic.

Even when you leave aside CoH’s Archetype system, the fact that one of the most popular character concepts in comics – the hand-to-hand fighter who uses an array of gadgets, most famously represented by Batman – couldn't actually be supported under CoH’s single origin system, as players would have to choose either a Natural or a Technology origin, but weren't able to pick both, makes our decision to offer players the option to pick multiple origins a no-brainer, as it’s the mechanic that best helps us realize that particular aspect of comic books.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team