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08/19/2016 - Friday Update #194

This week, we’ve been doing some work on expanding the functions of the character controller – the system that defines the movement of the player character. The default character controller is set up for the kind of basic movement that would be expected in an MMO character – which means that it doesn’t have the more extreme movement types that a comic book MMO would need, such as flight, superjumping, and so on.

The default character controller also needs to be expanded to cover some non-super movement types that feature in a few MMOs, but not enough to have had them made into a standard movement package, such as sitting in chairs or on other environmental objects, or crouching and crawling.

Having super movement animations also requires extra work on the transitions between them and non-super moment animations – for example, while a normal game might only need a transitions between walking, running and jumping from, land into water, when a float idle is triggered, a comic book game needs those transitions, plus transitions between all the types of super movement on land when they move into contact with water deep enough to trigger a float idle.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team