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07/04/2015 - Friday Update #135

This week, we’ve done some more design work on the basic concepts behind our current Archetype system, with a focus on trying to refine and expand its scope to try and fulfill to our goal of giving the players the kind of platform that they will need in order to be able to create the vast range of potential character concepts that they would expect to be able to make in a comic book game.

The Archetype system used in ‘City of Heroes’ provided support for quite a broad range of potential character concepts, although it did have a number of blind spots, which is something that we’re looking to address with this current design work.
This will also require us to rethink some parts of the current UI layout – although that’s still a work in progress as we’re still revising most aspects of it as we continue to refine the other systems too, so it won’t, add too much extra work for us beyond what we’ve already planned for.

We’ve also done some more work on the central area of Prometheus Plaza, with another of the main buildings there almost completed, as well as some further details being added to the lower sections of the middle of the plaza to make it easier for players to move around between buildings on that level.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team