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10/09/2015 - Friday Update #149

This week, we’ve been working on the outlines for the scaling tables for various basic test powers, with a focus on trying to make sure that the way that the powers are increased in effectiveness by the player as they progress is as smooth as possible, as we want to try avoid sudden spikes in usefulness as much as possible, so that there’s not a single point at which any power suddenly becomes especially effective, so that players don’t feel like they need to improve the power to that particular point.

We also want to make sure that then opposite applies too – that no power suddenly loses its effectiveness, or even slowly declines in its usefulness as the player progresses through the game – all powers should always be useful, no matter how early or how far into the game the player is.

This was one of the problems that some power sets had in ‘City of Heroes’ – some would start off strongly, then tail off at the higher levels, while others would be quite weak at first, but then have a spike in improvement at the higher levels, so making sure that that kind of scaling doesn’t figure in ‘heroes and Villains’ is one of our main priorities when it comes to designing the powers system for the game.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team