Welcome to Titan City, the Phoenix City, the city of tomorrow!


To mark the first anniversary of the closure of “City of Heroes”, we’ve got a new development update, featuring environmental and costume concept art, as well as a work in progress screenshot of part of the character creation area.

Costume Creator Progress

Costume Concept Art

Environmental Concept Art

04/11/2014 - Friday Update #71

This week, we’ve down some more work on the chat system, and now have a functioning private message option, so that players can now send a tell to any other player in other area of the game.
There are currently two ways to send tells – either by selecting the player’s name in the search window and clicking the send tell button, or by typing /tell (player name): followed by your message in the chat bar.
Right now, there is no ability to use a single key, such as backspace, to set up an instant reply, but it’s something that we’re looking to add.

While private messages don’t need any special design work, the set up of the public chat channels will need some careful thought – with the entire city being a single huge zone, and our server plans involving just a single flexible server, there’s a risk that the public chat channels could scrolls past too fast if there are a lot of players online at once, so we’re looking at various ways to keep the pace of message manageable.
One possible idea might be to have the broadcast and global channels on separate chat tabs as the default setting, so that they could be added to other chat tabs if the player chose to, but new players would avoid getting overwhelmed by fast scrolling chat when they first logged into the game.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team