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03/28/2015 - Friday Update #121

This week, we’ve done some design work on how best to set up player and NPC interactions – specifically, non-combat player-NPC interactions, which although they involve fewer technical considerations than player-NPC combat interactions, they still bring up a number of challenges in order to get it feeling and looking right, as well as being flexible enough for a wide range of potential situations and their interactions.
The first issue is how to present the actual trigger for an interaction – if you can only talk to an NPC, then simply clicking on them could start a conversation – but if the NPC also has a bio or other information attached to them, then some type of menu would be needed for the first click, so that a player could then decide if they wanted to talk to them, or view their information with another click.
Another issue is how active the NPC is – we’re aiming for much more dynamic and realistic NPCs who will move around the game world, rather than just standing around all the time – so that brings up the question of if a moving NPC should be clickable, meaning that a dialog could be started anywhere – or if they should only be clickable when their temporarily stationary, once they’ve completed their current movement/travel routine.
This brings up further considerations of things like phasing to hide or show an NPC depending on where the player is in the storyline, and the AI scripts that the NPCs will use – so even something that appears to be quite straightforward, like interacting with an NPC, still needs a lot of thought put into its design and presentation.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team