Welcome to Titan City, the Phoenix City, the city of tomorrow!


To mark the first anniversary of the closure of “City of Heroes”, we’ve got a new development update, featuring environmental and costume concept art, as well as a work in progress screenshot of part of the character creation area.

Costume Creator Progress

Costume Concept Art

Environmental Concept Art

10/18/2014 - Friday Update #98

This week, we've done some more design work for some of the enemy groups that players will encounter in Titan City. Each group is being created to illustrate a particular theme of the game world, or highlight one or more aspects of the lore, or general comic book themes. This is because the player interactions with these groups will be one of the key ways that we present the world to them, and the groups included at the launch are especially important for this task as they will be the players' first experience of the Heroes and Villains universe.

We've also done some planning work on how to present interactive objects in the game world to the players, to let them know that the object can be viewed or manipulated in some way, and that it isn't just part of the standard environment.
For this, we'll be using a system of tining, so that interactive objects will receive a special tint whenever the player moves their mouse cursor over them. the tin won't be opaque so as not to obscure the actual details and texturing on the object, but ti will be strong enough to clearly let players know that the object is interactive.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team