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02/25/2017 - Friday Update #221

This week, we’ve been continuing to work on the framework for our missions system, this time setting up NPCs to be able to hand out multiple missions and /or story arcs, which is obviously important for any recurring NPC contacts that players might meet during their journey through the game.

Related to this, we’ve also been working out the design for some basic dialogue trees, to help broaden the kinds of interactions that players can have with NPCs.
There are generally 3 types of branching dialogue that can be used in an RPG – the first one is “fluff”, where a player could choose to get on with accepting a mission right away, for example, or choose to get some brief background info on the mission or enemy/enemies they’ll be facing, and then start the mission.

The second type is a kind of “personality” dialogue tree – players could choose from various ways to respond to NPCs, such as humorously, or aggressively, for example, which can then be commented on later by NPCs, allowing a player to shape their character’s personality and have the game world recognize it.

The third kind of dialogue tree is the “action” type – this is where a player can choose to respond to an NPC in a way that changes the current flow of the story that they’re in, such as being given a choice between two separate locations to go to to continue the storyline in two different ways.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team