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03/17/2018 - Friday Update #276

Friday Update #276

This week we’ve been doing some more work on the music for the game, with a focus on various ways that we can adapt it to match the actions of the player.

As we continue to develop and expand the stories and setting we also add more musical themes for the various aspects of it, from characters to places to items and concepts, from the cosmic right down to the everyday, with each one being created with enough flexibility to be able to be presented in various styles and moods depending on the story situation.

This flexibility for the musical themes allows us to have parts of the music change at some points to reflect the player’s choices, so that the soundtrack for the player’s adventures will adapt to their path along with the visuals, to help reinforce the importance of their decisions and show just how much they can alter the storylines in very significant ways.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team