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07/24/2015 - Friday Update #138

This week, we’ve done some design work on how to handle the reasonably complex concept of power respecifications, with the main priority to make you system much more user-friendly than the power respect system in ‘City of Heroes’.
The biggest problem with the CoH system was the way that it forced players to completely wipe and remake their builds, even if they really only want to make one or two adjustments to it, so the system that we make will need to allow players to do “targeted respecs”, so that they can refine or modify their builds without needing to remove everything and start over at the beginning again.

Another element that some players requested for of the CoH respect system was for a full character respect, so that they would be able to not only re-choose their powers and enhancements, but also their actual power set choices. This concept creates a couple of major problems, the first one being technical, as there would be a lot of extra work needed to attempt something like this, and the second one being gameplay and story related – in the traditional superhero comics that inspired ‘City of heroes’ and ‘Heroes and Villains’, characters will sometimes gain or lose powers, but a complete change in their power theme is quite rare, so it’s hard for a comic book game to justify implementing a system that would make it a reasonably common event.

While we’re not totally ruling out the idea, we also feel that creating a character should be important, and have meaningful choices behind it, so that the player makes an actual character, and not just a generic avatar that they can break down and rebuild multiple times, losing a sense of that character’s identify and history in the game world.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team