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01/13/2017 - Friday Update #215

This week, we’ve been making a few small adjustments to our main animation rig, as we discovered that the way the shoulder bones were laid out were causing some slight deformation in some of the models’ shoulders when they were using some of our basic animations.

Because of the way that character models and their animations rigs are set up in video games there’s an inevitable amount of distortion that happens when they move, but where and when the distortions happen determines how acceptable they are – for example, in ‘City of Heroes’, the somersault part of the Ninja Run travel power animation caused the character’s spine to bend beyond normal human limits, and for their stomach and ribcage to become seriously mangled – but because it happened in the middle of a fast movement sequence, it wasn’t really noticeable under normal speed, and only showed up in screenshots taken at the right moment.

However, in the case of our animation problem, the deformation was noticeable even when the characters were in motion, as it was as slight sagging about the shoulders while one of the idle animations was playing, so it wasn’t really something that could be ignored as un-noticeable.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team