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07/22/2016 - Friday Update #190

This week, we’ve been doing some more design work for the overall zone and map structure to try and come up with the best way of handling phasing – the removal or addition of things into the game world as a result of story actions. These can be small things like changing the status of a single NPCs if they were killed/rescued during a mission, so that they would no longer appear in a zone if they died, or start to appear if they were rescued – or it can go right up to larger things like buildings or whole city blocks that could be destroyed/rebuilt, depending on what choices players made.

The biggest issue with this kind of phasing is that it also requires some players to be phased to – for example, if an NPC contact dies, or is otherwise removed from the game, then players who have completed the story where that happens shouldn’t really have to see players who haven’t completed it talking to what would appear to be thin air. This problem becomes even more important in the case of enemy mobs that are removed from the world as a result of a players action, such as cleaning up a neighborhood or taking down a gang leader – to player who have completed that section of the story, players who hadn't completed it would appear to be fighting invisible enemies.

These kinds of situations obviously bring up challenges for the social interaction aspect of the game, so we need to make sure that there’s a good balance between player interaction with each other and the requirements of the various storylines in the game.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team