Welcome to Titan City, the Phoenix City, the city of tomorrow!


To mark the first anniversary of the closure of “City of Heroes”, we’ve got a new development update, featuring environmental and costume concept art, as well as a work in progress screenshot of part of the character creation area.

Costume Creator Progress

Costume Concept Art

Environmental Concept Art

08/29/2014 - Friday Update #91

This week, we’ve started to compile a basic list of the power sets for the launch game, including some rough numbers for things like damage, casting time, recharge speed, and so on. As ‘Heroes and Villains’ is drawing on the same genre and comic book source material as ‘City of Heroes’, players will see similar themed sets of comic book powers, such as fire, ice, energy, electricity, a selection of ranged and melee weapons, and so on.
At this stage of development, the numbers attached to these sets are intended more to help us establish the overall strengths and weaknesses of a set, and the relationship between the powers in it, and we’re expecting that just about every power will be adjusted in one way or another during the alpha and b eta testing phases.

We’ve also been doing some planning to find the best way to implement the NPC citizens of Titan City. A modern urban setting presents challenges that aren’t often found in more traditional fantasy settings, where large chunks of zones will be quite open countryside, populated only be enemy spawns, while in a huge modern city, enemy spawns will be close to the NPC civilians in many places, creating a bigger demand on the players’ computers to be able to handle them.
Player models, animations and power VFX, enemy models, animations, and power VFX, and civilian NPC models, animations will all be sharing the same space in many of the open world encounters, so even though the game will eventually add other zones where there are far fewer civilians – or even none – we still need to develop our models and systems to handle superpowered combat in a densely populated and built-up urban area.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team