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12/16/2017 - Friday Update #263

This week, we’ve been doing some more design work on the concept of superspeed, and how best to implement it in a multiplayer game.

The single biggest issue is the multiplayer aspect, as every player action has to by synchronized at all times, especially the rate at which the actions are performed - so while a single player game – or a solo-only mission within an MMO – could use a reasonably simple system of slowing down NPC actions and environmental VFX while speeding up the player’s actions to create a pretty good sense of a character using superspeed, this isn’t really a solution in a multiplayer game,

For example, by slowing down NPCs and other moving objects by 50%, a player with superspeed would appear to be moving through a slow-motion world, which would be a good simulation of the a speedster in action as long as they were alone – but when other players are present, they would hardly be likely to appreciate their characters also moving at 50% less than normal speed just to maintain the effect for the player with super speed.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team