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08/29/2015 - Friday Update #143

This week, we’ve found the reason for the PvP flagging problem and fixed it – NPCs are now no longer affected by the player’s PvP status flag, and can target and hit them weather they’re flagged for PvP or not – but we’ve ran into another one, where players who aren’t flagged for PvP can still target and hit other players who are flagged for PvP, so this will obviously need to be fixed before we do any further work on the PvP flagging concept.

We’ve also done some design work on our base system, with the focus mostly on how best to implement it in a way that doesn’t end up with abandoned base cluttering up the database.
‘City of Heroes’ did this by restricting Supergroup creation to level 10, so that players had to have put in some time before unlocking bases, so that players who’d only gotten out of the tutorial and might not really play the game much more after that weren’t able to add to the database and fill it up with what would be permanently abandoned bases.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t allow supergroup creation right from the start, which goes against our goal of making the game as social as possible, which would include letting players set up a supergroup right away. While we could just allow supergroups to be formed right away, and still restrict base building to a later point, that does bring up the issue of what exactly the purpose of a supergroup without a base would be – would it just be a form of friends list with an additional group name about the members’ heads?

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team