Welcome to Titan City, the Phoenix City, the city of tomorrow!


To mark the first anniversary of the closure of “City of Heroes”, we’ve got a new development update, featuring environmental and costume concept art, as well as a work in progress screenshot of part of the character creation area.

Costume Creator Progress

Costume Concept Art

Environmental Concept Art

09/27/2014 - Friday Update #95

This week, we've done some more modeling work for the main Prometheus Plaza area that's the centerpiece of the Phoenix Hill administration district of Titan City. the work has involved both adding more details to some of the uncompleted building designs, and reducing the amount of polygons in the already completed buildings to help make them suitable for in-game use.
Because of the scale of the area, we're still some way off from finishing it, but the development of it is progressing well.

We've also done some more environmental lighting test work, to see what results we can achieve by blending different lighting and area illumination effects. This will be most noticeable on indoor maps, especially for 'City of Heroes' players who are used to seeing just one single lighting set up on indoor maps, such as brightly lit offices or dimly lit warehouses. By blending lighting settings, we'll be able to illuminate individual areas of a map, so that a dark corridor could still have well-lit rooms joined to it, or a dark tunnel could open out into a brighter cave, and so on.
This will let us create more varied and atmospheric mission maps, which will help us to enhance the mood and general storytelling within missions, and allow us to give the players more diverse maps to explore.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team