Welcome to Titan City, the Phoenix City, the city of tomorrow!


To mark the first anniversary of the closure of “City of Heroes”, we’ve got a new development update, featuring environmental and costume concept art, as well as a work in progress screenshot of part of the character creation area.

Costume Creator Progress

Costume Concept Art

Environmental Concept Art

09/19/2014 - Friday Update #94

This week, we’ve made some adjustments to the main button template for the GUI – this had been done to improve the visual quality of any buttons used by the GUI by making it scale better and keep the proportions of the artwork consistent with each other, rather than having a standard increase or decrease in all the GUI parts, which could sometimes lead to some parts being shrunk further than they needed to be.

We’ve also added in a a basic name tag that will display above each player’s head – right now, it’s only the name, but we’ve built in the functionality to also us to also attach others text tags to it, like special titles for events, achievement titles, player-chosen titles from a preset list, and so on.

Additionally, we’ve been continuing to compile the basic stats for our ranged power sets, and we now have a reasonably detailed list of various typical comic book style ranged powers, such as fire, ice, radiation, energy, rifles, pistols, bows, and so on, along with their individual statistics and effects, which will be developed further once we start testing out power sets in the engine.
Not all of the powers on the list will be available at launch, but as part of our pre-launch development, we’re also planning out some of the post-launch content, so that we’ll be able to start adding things to the game without too much of a delay after the launch.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team