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12/13/2014 - Friday Update #106

This week, we’ve done some basic coding work for powers and abilities, with a focus on setting up how the system of power boosts that will enhance each individual power will be implemented. We’re aiming for a system that will feel somewhat familiar for the community, while at the same time offering some new approaches as to how the powers are enhanced, along with a larger variety of types of enhancer set out in a clearly defined and easily understood way.

We've also been working on the design for the area of the GUI where stories and missions are stored, sorted and displayed, with a focus on trying to make the layout as clear, logical and user-friendly as possible. This is quite challenging, as the importance of the stories to the game and the way that the stories are being presented is not the same as the way that they’re presented and handled in current MMOs, so there’s quite a bit of trial and error involved in finding the right balance to the presentation.
The importance of stories to the game also means that we have to look at the story set up for the long term, and not just as something to be put in place for the launch, and then left largely unchanged afterwards – it needs to be open-ended and flexible, and able to be expanded in multiple directions as required by new types of post-launch content.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team