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11/18/2017 - Friday Update #259

This week, we’ve been doing some more design work on our hero NPCs, with a focus on correcting some of the issues that came up in ‘City of Heroes’ in regards to how they handled their signature heroes.

One of these signature hero issues in CoH was their wildly inconsistent power levels – they were generally presented as being at a level of power beyond anything that a player could reach, and usually with no in-game explanation as to why that was. As an example, Synapse was shown to be way more powerful than a single player during the Lord Recluse Strike Force, but then he was also able to be defeated by a solo player when he was just a boss level enemy in several normal villain story arcs.

What made this even worse was the fact that the LRSF came at the end of the player’s story progression – so they went from being able to defeat Synapse in single combat earlier on in their story progression to requiring a team to take him down, which made zero sense from a story angle and was just an example of game mechanics setting up a situation “just because”. Unlike Statesman, who had the Well of the Furies element in his backstory, which could be used to explain his power level, Synapse’s backstory contained nothing that could really be used to justify his apparent superiority over a player, and was lacking the fusion of story and mechanics that we’re creating in our game.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team