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04/21/2017 - Friday Update #229

This week, we’ve been doing some more work on creating the framework for allowing seamless zone and map transitions, to help us with our goal of eliminating loading screens wherever possible.

We’re focusing on this a lot because it’s one of the key parts that we need to be in place for our vision of the game to be realized, as loading screens are very much a design relic from a less advanced stage in the evolution of games and game engines, and there are very few places where their use can still be justified.

A loading screen between non-adjoining world areas, such as between two cities, for example, could be regarded as somewhat acceptable as it comes at a point in the narrative flow of the game where there would be an unseen journey by the player’s character between the two areas.
But a loading screen between two adjoining world areas has no narrative justification, as the character’s journey between them should be no different than them traveling within a single area on its own.
Even worse are loading screens between the open world and mission maps, where simply opening a door and going through it is broken up and delayed, while loading screens that divide a mission map up into separate sections are totally unacceptable, and like the others have no place in any modern game that’s serious about storytelling and immersion.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team