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Skorpion is a global organization dedicated to world conquest by any means, with their focus on destroying America and its superpowered heroes as the stepping stone to controlling the whole Earth.

Their exact founding date is unknown, but their leader, the enigmatic Baron Skorpio, is believed to be the son of a British diplomat working in Egypt in the early 20th century.

The first confirmed sighting of Baron Skorpio in his present form was in 1938 during a series of robberies at several of the laboratories in the Athena district of Titan City, which was one of the events that led to Centurion forming the Legion the following year.

Although the organization is split into several divisions that oversee various aspects of Skorpion’s operations, Baron Skorpio’s iron grip, mostly exercised through his own power and his personal control of the elite Skorpion Guard keeps the rivalries between the divisions from spilling over into open hostility.

Access to cutting edge technology means that Skorpion soldiers and agents are some of the best equipped of their kind in the world, with a training and indoctrination program that creates units of troops utterly loyal to Baron Skorpio.

The dark magic of his Lemurian allies adds another dimension on the forces he has at his command.

They have a number of rumored bases across the world, including islands in the Atlantic and Pacific, mountain strongholds in the Alps and the Himalayas, and a jungle fortress somewhere in the Amazon rainforest, with their headquarters located somewhere beneath the sands of the south eastern Sahara Desert, close to the Valley of the Dead.

Baron Skorpio has a policy of encouraging co-operation between his organization and other groups that share similar goals, as well as recruiting independent villains to join Skorpion’s ranks – the reward and power that a determined villain can earn by taking this career path has attracted the attention of more than a few superpowered criminals over the years, with many of them now holding positions of importance in the organization.


Blackwater Swamp was originally much larger than it is today, but the entire northern section was drained to create the land on which the settlement of Salem was constructed. The very earliest settlers in the area seem to have made a point of avoiding the swamp, with Kingsport, Sanctuary, Greendale and Innswich all being built some distance form it, and at the time of Salem's foundation, there were those who said it would have been better to leave the marshland well alone, while some modern historians have speculated that the very name Salem was chosen to hallow what more than few saw as unhallowed ground.

It was shortly after the draining that the first claimed sightings of the Marsh Men started - originally little more than rumors of shapes in the mists that hang over the swamp or brief glimpses of strange things peering in through windows at night, over time the frequency of these sightings led to it becoming generally accepted by the citizens of Salem and the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements that there were indeed unwholesome things lurking in the marshes.

The presence of the Marsh Men and the Blackwater Swamp in general is believed by some to be one of the contributing factors in the gradual population shift away from Salem that culminated in the foundation of Titan City in 1826, although others say that it was down to purely economical forces, with the newly dredged harbor drawing away business, industry and workers from all of the original settlements, not just Salem.

Although they remain today as elusive as always, the Marsh Men and the reputation of their strange swamp has kept the wetlands free of outsiders, in spite of its outwardly perfect role as a place for wanted criminals to go to ground, and it would be only the most desperate of fugitives who'd think of setting foot in Blackwater Swamp.