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REAL NAME: Unknown

Very little in known about the origin and powers of supervillain called The Exile – he is believed to be an extraterrestrial of some kind, and his powers are clearly formidable enough to have persuaded a number of other supervillains into joining The Chosen, his loose alliance of some of the most powerful beings to ever threaten Titan City and Earth.

What his exact goals are remains unclear, but rumors say that he’s driven by a burning desire for vengeance against someone or something, and that The Chosen are merely one of the many tools that he will use to achieve it.


REAL NAME: Charles Charlton Crowther

The Crowther family is one of the oldest in the area, and was also once one of the wealthiest. With their business interests based in Salem, their fortunes began to decline along with the town following the foundation of Titan City in 1826, and the rise of the new industries and businesses that followed it.

The final blow to the family’s standing came with the Wall Street Crash in 1929, which wiped out the value of their remaining assets, leading to the suicide of Albert Crowther, followed by the commitment of his wife Elizabeth to an asylum, leaving their son Charles, previously the heir to a still considerable fortune, alone and penniless on the streets of Salem.

Taking the name Corvus, and embarking on a life of crime to try and rebuild the wealth he thought fate had denied him, Charles at first worked alone, using a handmade short range jump pack and wings to allow him to easily reach carelessly open windows above street level as well as to quickly disappear from the scene and evade pursuit, but by 1941 he had formed the gang known as the Crow Street Gang to help him in his work.

Like Corvus, the Crows use similar jump packs and wings, using them for both burglaries and hit and run attacks in the streets, swooping down on unsuspecting victims and then leaving as swiftly as they arrived – a favorite target is the aftermath of another crime, often a mugging or a gang fight, where the Crows take on the role of aggressive scavengers, taking down already weakened and distracted enemies.

Often seen perched on the gothic gables of the old town or gliding from rooftop tot rooftop, often the first sign of an attack by the Crows are the threatening shadows of wings on the ground moments before they descend to the street to strike.

As with a number of other villains in Titan City, Corvus has made use of the services of Doctor Deathmask to extend his lifespan past its natural limit, allowing him to continue his looting and thievery into the 21st century.


REAL NAME: Thaddeus Carver

A brilliant surgeon who became obsessed with superpowers and their effect on the human body, especially they way they are sometimes capable of extending the normal human lifespan, Doctor Deathmask has long since left conventional medical circles, and now works in secret from a variety of hidden locations throughout Titan City.

Not only have his radical experiments on willing an unwilling superpowered humans helps to extend his own lifespan, he has also become something of a go-to figure for other villains desperate to undergo his dangerous procedures to prolong their own lives – although his services don’t come cheap.


REAL NAME: Unknown

The ruthless killer Arachne heads up the Assassination and Espionage Division of Skorpion, which is in turn divided into 2 sections, with the spy network known as The Web and the assassins known as The Spiders – Web agents will gather information and locate targets, and then a Spider is sent to dispatch the chosen prey.

If the target is of a suitably high level of importance, then Arachne herself will take the mission, using her unrivaled knowledge of poisons to ensure that even though the victim’s death almost always has to be swift by necessity, it can still be painful.


REAL NAME: Hank Hardy

Growing up on the mean streets of Sticksland, Hank Hardy’s life was dominated by violence form a very early age. But having been born in 1966 with a robust constitution and a body that would eventually develop into a muscular powerhouse, he was able to turn that violence to his own advantage, fighting one of the Sticksland gang leaders to the death while still a teenager, and going on to dominate his whole neighborhood, taking on the name Wrecking Ball in reference to his destructive fighting style and the 2 enormous spiked balls on chains that were his preferred weapon.

Poorly educated, and lacking any long-term goals in life besides feeding his appetite for violence, Wrecking Ball has been causing chaos in Titan City for years, with his random acts of extreme violence being hard for the authorities to predict or plan for.

Since 1990, he’s been leading a band of supervillains known as the Mayhem Men who share both his chaotic outlook on life and his love of seemingly senseless destruction.