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Vigilantes & Mercenaries


REAL NAME: Laverne Steel

Laverne Steel has been active in Titan City since 1940, and her apparent agelessness is said to be down to her possession of an amulet or talisman that she acquired on her travels.

During her long career, she’s taken on many roles – thief, spy, assassin, mercenary, forger, to name just a few, and while these have often landed her in difficult and dangerous situations, her ability to always come out on top has become legendary in the Titan City underworld.

Although very self-centered and quite prepared to abandon or betray colleagues if it suits her larger goals, she has also displayed leadership qualities, especially in her formation of the mercenary group “Hired Guns” in 1966, which has been behind some of the most daring and spectacular heists in Titan City’s history.


REAL NAME: Unknown

The masked vigilante known as The Watchman first appeared in 1987, and although almost nothing is known about his origin, his cybernetic right arm and leg, along with what is possibly a cybernetic right eye indicate that he has suffered serious injuries at some point, and has had the wealth, know-how or connections to have them repaired with cutting-edge technology.

Armed with his gigantic custom-made rifle, he has carved a bloody trail of destruction through several of the gangs of Titan City.

In 1992 he formed The Retaliators, a lose network of like-minded individuals who were prepared to stop at nothing to bring their own brand of violent retribution to the criminals they felt had managed to evade the courts.

Their methods eventually brought them into conflict with other groups, including the Salem City Sentinels and even the Legion itself – since then, The Retaliators have kept a lower profile.