Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Heroes and Villains"?

"Heroes and Villains" is an online game set in an immersive comic book world of superpowered heroes and villains. The design philosophy is to create a casual, community-focused game that will allow players with even limited amounts of time to still be able to log in and achieve something, or just hang out with their friends.

Who's Making the Game?

"Heroes and Villains" is being developed by a Plan Z – an online "virtual studio" made up of volunteers from around the world who have been brought together by a shared passion for comics and gaming.

How Will a Volunteer Effort Finance the Expense of Making an Online Game?

The initial development phase will rely on existing skills and tools available to the volunteers, as well as making use of open source tech where possible.

If the groundwork is successfully completed, then some form of crowd-sourcing will be used to develop the game further.

Where is "Heroes and Villains" set?

Initially, the game will be set in Titan City, a major world city located on the East Coast of the United States - if the development is successful, then other locations elsewhere in the world and in the wider multiverse will be added.

How Many Zones will "Heroes and Villains" have?

Titan City is planned out as one single massive zone, featuring diverse styles of terrain, ranging from skyscrapers through suburbs and slums to open countryside on the outskirts of the city.

What Sort of Content will "Heroes and Villains" include?

In keeping with the casual and social focus of the game, while still providing exciting challenges, there will be a diverse selection of content to suit every taste, from team-based tasks to a rewarding solo experience, including a number of leveling paths with story content tailored to suit a variety of comic book themes, such as the "Street Hero", the "Mercenary" or the villainous "Mastermind".

Currently, there are 10 of these planned leveling paths.

Will "Heroes and Villains" feature PvP?

As the game features both heroes and villains in a shared world, some form of player versus player system will be included in the game - at this stage, there are no definite plans for what form it will take, but it will need to be implemented in a way that doesn’t detract from the casual and social environment that forms the main part of the game.

What\'s the Level Cap in "Heroes and Villains"?

The planned level cap is 50 - no decision has been made yet on any potential raising of the level cap at some point in the future.

How Many Servers will "Heroes and Villains" have?

The intention is to use one single "mega-server" for the whole game, to allow players to easily find and meet with their friends, or with complete strangers - the ability to find teams easily is one of the basic design goals for the game.

When will "Heroes and Villains" be released?

Currently, there is no release date set for the game - but as a community focused project, it\'s likely that even the early alpha stages of development will be open for public testing.

What Rating with "Heroes and Villains" Have?

The game will be aiming for a T rating, to help maintain the overall casual and family-friendly design goal.

What Kind of Computer Specifications Will be Needed to Play "Heroes and Villains"?

The exact specifications haven\'t been decided on yet, but the game won\'t require a top of the range computer just to be able to play it.

Will "Heroes and Villains" be Free to Play, or Will there be a Subscription Fee?

At this stage, no final decision has been made on any payment models. However, even as a volunteer effort, there will still be costs involved in maintaining the game, so some form of revenue stream will need to be generated to cover them.