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12/20/2014 - Friday Update #107

This week, we’ve continued with the adjustments and refinements to the GUI that we started last week – some of which has just been small tweaks here and there, while other parts have been almost totally redesigned to help streamline the overall presentation of various functions attached to the GUI. We’ve combined some of the earlier design elements to make parts of it cleaner and more logical, and we’ve also majorly reworked the navigation window and the map, while also attaching extra functions to them.

We’ve also been working to solve an uncommon bug that’s shown up with the City Hall model – unlike the majority of the other models that we’ve been exporting to the engine, the City Hall one has been causing some issues with how some of its parts are displayed. We’ve manage to partially isolate the problem, and track it down to where we’re almost totally certain that it’s a problem with the texturing of some of the parts – although so far, none of the solutions that we’ve tried have fully fixed it.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team

12/13/2014 - Friday Update #106

This week, we’ve done some basic coding work for powers and abilities, with a focus on setting up how the system of power boosts that will enhance each individual power will be implemented. We’re aiming for a system that will feel somewhat familiar for the community, while at the same time offering some new approaches as to how the powers are enhanced, along with a larger variety of types of enhancer set out in a clearly defined and easily understood way.

We've also been working on the design for the area of the GUI where stories and missions are stored, sorted and displayed, with a focus on trying to make the layout as clear, logical and user-friendly as possible. This is quite challenging, as the importance of the stories to the game and the way that the stories are being presented is not the same as the way that they’re presented and handled in current MMOs, so there’s quite a bit of trial and error involved in finding the right balance to the presentation.
The importance of stories to the game also means that we have to look at the story set up for the long term, and not just as something to be put in place for the launch, and then left largely unchanged afterwards – it needs to be open-ended and flexible, and able to be expanded in multiple directions as required by new types of post-launch content.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team

12/06/2014 - Friday Update #105

This week, we’ve been doing a bit more modeling and design work on some of our other major non-player characters – now that we have completed Blue Phoenix and Centurion, and have a steady and efficient pipeline set up for character modeling, we’re going to be producing them reasonably regularly now.
Similar to the evolution of Centurion, some of the older character concepts have also undergone a few adjustments as the lore has developed, some of which has affected their looks, and some of which has just altered their backstories slightly.

We've also done some more of the development of the background lore of the game, with the focus still on fleshing out the more cosmic scale content, especially the more abstract elements that help to define the whole Multiverse and how it works on the largest possible scale, and the personification of these concepts.
Because they’re so abstract and so overwhelmingly powerful, players will rarely come into contact with them or even know they exist unless they generally play the more cosmic scale content, but their existence is vital to the creation of a game universe of the size and scope that we’re planning.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team

12/01/2014 - 30/11/2014 Update Round-Up

This is just meant as a handy list of links to the various parts of this latest HaV update:

The in-game character models for the NPCs Blue Phoenix and Centurion.

Concept art and WIP shots of Titan City Hall.

A few new bits of player character costume concept art - this time mostly with a bit of a mystical Eastern flavor.

And a post about the creation of Centurion and the evolution of his costume.

12/01/2014 - In-Game Character Models - Blue Phoenix and Centurion

Here’s our first completed in-game character model - the hero Blue Phoenix.
She was created by the former ‘City of Heroes’ lead concept artist David Nakayama shortly after the closure of Paragon Studios, and was very generously donated by him to the ‘Heroes and Villains’ project:


The Blue Phoenix character first appeared in this painting by David Nakayama, titled “Spirit of Paragon”.

And now the Spirit of Paragon is alive and well in Titan city ;)

Following her is the in-game model of Centurion - one of the leading heroes in Titan City:


There's also a post here outlining the creation of Centurion and the evolution of his costume.

More information on Centurion's backstory can be found in the Characters section of the website.