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12/01/2016 - In Game Character Models - Part 5

A few more of the in game models of some of our NPCs:

The villainous scientist Edward Kane, permanently transformed by his own reckless experiments into the half-man, half-monster known as Beastor.

The massively powerful evil mutant psychic Doctor Dominator, a man with almost unrivaled mind-control abilities.

The small but ferocious human-feline hybrid called Kitty-Kat, a member of the heroic Street Patrol.

A former exotic dancer turned high-tech criminal mastermind Melissa “Honey” Combs, now know as Hive Queen.

The veteran vigilante Midnight Owl, one of the leading members of the Nightwatch.

The brutal mercenary Ram, powered by a combination of the dangerous combat drug known Synthiraeum and a battle-suit made from the rare Atlantean anti-magic metal Orichalcum.

12/01/2016 - Animation Cycles

A selection of some of the basic animation cycles that we've been working on, featuring Blue Phoenix:






Because HaV is using more detailed NPCs and player characters than CoH, the animations need to be especially fluid to match that higher level, and give an impression of weight and momentum to the various movements.

12/01/2016 - Concept Art

To mark the anniversary of the premature end of 'City of Heroes', we'll be releasing another art update, starting with some more concept art by Shadow:

A variety of sword designs.

And a selection of elemental style cape designs.

11/26/2016 - Friday Update #208

This week, we’ve been continuing with the design work on our powers system, with a focus this time on the basic stats behind each power.
Anyone who’s taken even a quick look at the individual power stats in ‘City of Heroes’ will know just how precise the numbers that the developers used were – things like recharge speeds and casting times didn’t just use basic fractions of a second for their timing, they had things locked down to the exact hundredth of a second – and the multipliers and percentages for things like damage and accuracy were just as precise.

While the powers system in ‘Heroes and Villains’ isn’t an exact copy of the one in CoH, it still needs to be designed along the same basic idea of allowing us to be able to fine tune each power to get a general feeling of balance across the whole system.
And the first major decision to be made is working out what exactly is the single defining unenhanced lowest base value for each power stat, such as damage, accuracy and so on, and what is the single defining maximum enhanced value for each power stat.
For example, if 8 points of unenhanced damage is the lowest base value for a power, and 502 points of enhanced damage was the maximum value for a power, then the value of every power would be based on where they fell between those two extremes, with no powers going below the lowest value or beyond the highest value, otherwise that would lead to too much imbalance in the powers system, and lead to some sets being way more effective – and popular - than others.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team

11/19/2016 - Friday Update #207

This week, we’ve been doing some more design work on our powers system, with a focus on a very important mechanic in regards to the ‘City of Heroes’ powers system – which is rooting, where the game will hold a player character or NPC in place on one spot while they are using some types of powers, or being affected by some types of power.

The way that CoH generally used rooting was as a kind of penalty to balance out some of the powers, by reducing their effectiveness in a fast moving fight, which was somewhat controversial from an artistic point of view, as comic book fights are known for their dynamic movement, even though the math behind the concept of rooting was a part of the developers attempts to help balance out the various power sets.

But because the powers system in ‘Heroes and Villains’ isn’t identical to the one in CoH, we’re able to re-evaluate the use of rooting on a power by power basis, and make adjustments to how it’s used, which lets us keep the heavy impact feel of CoH’s combat, while at the same time opening up a few more tactical movement options during a battle.

Have a heroic/villainous weekend!

The Heroes and Villains team