Game Setting

Titan City


Known informally as "Science City", Atena is home to many of the laboratories and research facilities that are at the cutting edge of technological and scientific progress in the 21st century.

Pallas Tower, the tallest building in the city, is located here, with a restaurant at the top offering spectacular views for miles, and was built as part of the 1939-40 Titan City World’s Fair.

Places of interest: Institute of Technology, TV Center, Planetarium, Pallas Tower, Minerva Square, Alexandra Park, Dimensional Research Institute


Everything about Aurora says “class” – from the expensive stores and chic restaurants to some of the most desirable properties in the whole city.

A modern transit system quickly and comfortably ferries commuters between the affluent south-western suburbs of Greendale and Greendale Hills and the business, entertainment, science and administration districts to the north.

The spectacular Champions Park pays tribute to the greatest heroes and paragons of the city, and is a popular tourist spot all year round.

Places of interest: Crimson Cove, Ethnographical Museum, United Nations HQ, Global Square, Liberty Tower, Playland Amusement Park, Banks Canal, Braganza Park, South Aurora Mall, Queens Bridge, Thompson Bridge, Champions Park, Aurora University, Ellen Island


Connected to the mainland only by a narrow bridge, and expose to the full force of the Atlantic, the grim and windswept Blackrock Isle is the home of Blackrock Prison. While the Pitman Correctional Facility is used for keeping non-powered criminals behind bars, and Howard House Asylum is for the criminally insane, Blackrock Prison is dedicated to keeping some of the world’s most dangerous superpowered villains safely incarcerated, and boasts some of the most advanced security technology available today.

Places of interest: Blackrock Prison


The southern remains of the once much larger marshland that was partially drained to build the original old town of Salem.

Today, the swamp stands as a reminder of a time before the first stone of what would become Titan City was ever laid, and its sinister reputation has kept all but the most desperate criminals from using it as refuge from the law.

Places of interest: Marsh Island, Dante Creek


This district spans the 9 islands at the mouth of the South River, and is known for its elegant and brightly colored architecture and its many bridges. More residential than Aurora to the north, but less leafy than Greendale to the south, it's a district with its own distinctive atmosphere.

Places of interest: Williams Island, Bayview Island, White Island, Hamilton Island, Starling Island, Sandbar Island, Waterfield Island, Grassy Island, Kingston island, Adams Park.


Lying on the edge of the southern remnant of Blackwater Swamp, Dante’s Reach has always been isolated and half-forgotten by both Salem and Titan City. It lost its last major source of income and jobs with the subsidence of the old Salem harbor, and many of its old wooden houses are now abandoned and boarded up.

Because of this, it has often acted as a place where those wishing to lie low and keep out of site for various reasons can do so, while the many local legends about the swamp are a source of interest to those who study more arcane and supernatural matters.

The only road to the south of the area winds for a short distance through dark wooded hills until it reaches Howard House, Titan City’s asylum for the criminally insane.

Places of interest: Dante Creek, City Landfill Site, Sunken Harbor, Lake Providence, Howard House Asylum, Willow Park, the Kill


Built on the broad strip of land below the western cliffs of Nodens Head, the bright and clean houses and offices of East Point are East Point some of the most sought after properties in the whole city.

Places of interest: Corona Park, Orange Island, Sophia Island


The site of the heaviest industry in the city, and the heart of its manufacturing output as well as the nuclear reactor that powers much of it.

Places of interest: Crown Industrial Park, freight station and stockyard, Gerone Docks


One of the most exclusive areas of the city, Greendale is where many of the wealthiest citizens have their homes amid the tree-lined streets and large lawns.

In spite of it lying just across South River from the devastated district of Sticksland, the cliffs along the eastern bank of the river help to form a very solid boundary between the two districts.

Places of interest: Greendale Marina, Greendale Airfield, Halvmaine Lake, Greendale Equestrian Center, Autumn Square, Stoneway Park, Cascade Falls, Paradise Park, the Van Decken Estate, Garnet River


The most exclusive district in the whole city, mostly made up of hillside mansions where only the richest can afford to live. the steep rise of Olney Ridge to the east not only helps shelter the whole Greendale area from the rougher Atlantic weather, it also forms a welcome barrier between the homes of the city's elite and the uncomfortably close ruins of Old Innswich.

Places of interest: Ulysses Park, Lightwell Manor


The green center of the city and its oldest and largest park, having first been established in 1857.

Places of interest: The Botanical Gardens, City Zoo, Stanley Lake


The largest of the islands in Lower Titan Bay, and the home of the longest stretches of beach in the city, which combined with its sheltered position away from the open sea makes it a very popular leisure spot for people from all over the city.

Places of interest: Endeavor Bridge, Hyperion Bridge


Graystone Valley has been in decline since the late 1960s, when the new elevated highway system to link Phoenix Hill and the northern city with the southern suburbs while bypassing Salem City was built. With east-west bridges between Aurora and Salem Heights already diverting traffic from Graystone Valley, the new north-south highway meant that both commuters and companies could now bypass the district completely.

As a result of this neglect, the major financial focus of the area is now mostly based around the sleazier forms of entertainment that have grown up around Beau Street, unofficially known as "The Strip", which runs along the eastern side of Salem Heights.

Places of interest: Hollowstone Rise, Hell’s Gate, Hollowstone Tunnel, Valley Park


Previously known as Winchester up until the district was devastated in the great fire of 1845, the following rebuilding work saw the remnants of the mostly wooden buildings destroyed in the fire replaced with ones of stone and brick in a rebuilding process that eventually led to the earliest experimental low level skyscrapers some two decades later as part of a vision for a new kind of city.

As the power and wealth of the new city grew, so did the buildings of Ilion, earning it the nicknames of "Sky-High City" and "Glass City", and today the district is the financial powerhouse of the city, its huge skyscrapers housing many of the biggest national and multinational corporations.

Places of interest: The Stock Exchange, Global Trade Center, City Convention Center, Mercury Square, the International Port


Built on the hill south of Steelville, Ironborough is one of the more industrial suburbs of the city.

Places of interest:


One of the five original settlements in the area, it was built between the mouth of the river and the gentle slopes of Mount Pleasant, and many of the older buildings still remain, along with the old docks.

Places of interest: Kingsport Docks.


Situated on a slight rise along the east bank of the Hughes River and overlooking the larger district of Stockton, Maidenburg is one of the quietest built up areas of the city

Places of interest: Mauritz bridge, Lawrence Field Ballpark


Once most famous for its fort that was a major British outpost during the Revolutionary War, Markland island today is the hope of Titan City’s spaceport, which serves as a launch site for shuttles to both the orbiting space station known as The Bastion and the Armstrong Lunar Facility

Places of interest: Fort Markland, Titan City Spaceport, Starway Bridge


Like Northridge, most of the people here work in the business, entertainment, science and administration districts.

Places of interest:, Country Fairground, Helman Park, Connack River, Mount Pleasant Tunnel, Great Lakes Canal


Originally intended as a warehouse district to serve the new harbor, Newhaven is now home to Titan City’s “Chinatown”, the city’s Chinese community having settled there after being gradually pushed out of Riverside by incoming Italian immigrants.

Places of interest: Chinatown


Like Mount Pleasant, most of the people here work in the business, entertainment, science and administration districts.

Places of interest: The football stadium, Helman park, Connack River, Northridge Reservoir


Sometimes called New Salem, this district is more residential than South Salem, and somewhat newer, having grown up around Salem Harbor, which was constructed as the old southern harbor began to subside into the unstable drained marshland of Blackwater Swamp. In spite of being newer, it’s still older than much of the surrounding area, and retains the dark and brooding atmosphere that characterizes all of Salem City.

Places of interest: Black Rose Park, Salem Courthouse, Salem Museum, Salem


Innswich was one of the original five settlements in the area, but was already mostly abandoned by the time the new city was formed in 1826. Today it's just a collection of ruins and empty old houses, and the overgrown cemetery up on Olney Ridge and the remains of the lighthouse below are the only real reminders to most of the city that the Innswich ever existed at all.

Places of interest: Innswich Cemetery, the old Lighthouse


Situated on a steep rise west of Bridgeway Islands, the small district of Overlook can sometimes feel cut off from the rest of the city, with cliffs on three sides leaving Hollowstone Rise and the bridge over Hell’s Gate as the only routes out. A third way used to be via the stairs that tunneled down through the southern cliff face to Sticksland, but since the 1974 earthquake they’ve been fenced off to prevent their use.

Places of interest:


Once known as Dredger Docks because of its use by the workmen who created the New Harbor between 1826-32, the district of Parnassus is today the entertainment center of the city. From the world-famous opera house to the busy Theater-land to the City Sports Complex that houses the basketball and hockey teams, this is the first place many of the citizens head to for relaxation. Apollo Square is the crossroads of the city, where Long Street, which runs west to New Aia and east to Athena, meets with Main Street, which runs from Phoenix Hill in the south to the Centennial Bridge in the north.

Places of interest: Daily Times office, City Opera House, Theater-land, City Sports Complex, Art Institute, Central Mall, City Art Gallery


From the majestic central plaza to the magnificent city hall, Phoenix Hill is a fitting heart for one of the world’s great cities. The renowned city library lies to the north, while to the south is the central railroad station. The area is informally known as "The Hill", while Main Street, which runs down to Parnassus and then on to the Centennial Bridge is known as "The Golden Mile", and has some of the city's best bars, clubs and restaurants located along it.

Freedom Avenue forms the main link between Phoenix Hill and the waterfront district of Portview to the east.

Places of interest: City Hall, City Library, General Hospital, Central Station, Natural History Museum, Police HQ and Courthouse, Prometheus Plaza, Phoenix Park and the Phoenix Statue.


Also known as "Portview Village" after the area was renovated in the 1980s, this district was originally a harbor-side slum occupied mostly by Irish immigrants who began arriving in the city in large numbers during the 1860s. Global Square was built as part of the 1939-40 Titan City World’s Fair, and forms a suitably impressive environment for Liberty Tower, the head quarters of The Legion, the world’s oldest and largest supergroup. Further superpowered places of interests in the area include the Hall of Heroes monument and the adjoining Superhero Museum.

Places of interest: Erin Street, Eastlake Park, Global Square, Liberty Tower, Hall of Heroes, Superhero Museum


Riverside's location so close to the business and entertainment districts make it a sought-after area for more medium sized companies. In the past, it was once the home to Titan City’s Chinese community, but they were gradually pushed out by the arrival of Italian immigrants, and the area is now informally known as “Little Italy”

Places of interest: Little Italy


The largest island in the Manigan River, and the site of the city’s high tech nuclear power plant

Places of interest: Nuclear power plant


Dominated by massive gothic skyscrapers, Salem Heights is the commercial center of the Old Town, and the site of the most expensive apartments and offices in Salem City, especially those to the North, which offer extensive views over Heartland Park.

Places of interest: Angel Falls. Signal Point


This district is one of the better parts of Salem City, lacking the same number of rundown streets and buildings as north and South Salem, but still not matching the towering high rises of Salem heights to the East.

Places of interest: Billford Channel, Hell’s Gate, Kings Park, Salem Shipyards, Salem Railroad Terminal, Salem University


Although only a short drive from the northern edge of the city, this area is nestled in wooded hills, peacefully tucked away from the bustle of modern life. Sanctuary was one of the five original settlements in the area, and little seems to have changed since it was first established.

Its main feature is a very large and very old mansion that looks down over the village, and one of the taller tales that the locals spin is that the house was already there when the first settlers arrived.

Places of interest: The Old House, the village pool, O’Connell Water, Shimmer Brook


The home of the Titan City University, which nestles against the hills along the northern side of the island. Bridges connect it with Atena Helios Island, Portview, Aurora and East Point, and the much of the island is parkland, including the hill that's home to the City Observatory.

Places of interest: City University, Glaucus Gardens, Woodhill Park, City Observatory.


A very respectable area of the city, heavily dominated by classic brownstone town houses, with the most striking feature of the skyline being the low rise towers of the Star center, the home of the American Stars supergroup.

Places of interest: Silvertown College, Meteor Square, The Star Center


Older and more industrial than North Salem, this district’s most notable feature is the new Pitman Correctional Facility, built on the site of the old Salem Penitentiary, which was blown up in 1987 by the brutal vigilante called Judgement at the end of violent period known as “The Year of Blood”, which followed the end of the Machine War Crisis.

Most of the breaches in the Sticksland containment wall have been made in South Salem, resulting in the turf war on the other side sometimes spilling out into the Salem streets.

Places of interest: Devil’s Bluff, Lilly Fields Cemetery, Pitman Correctional Facility, Salem Town Hall, Salem Harbor, Primus Bridge


Built in the shallow valley north of Ironborough, Steelville is one of the more industrial suburbs of the city.

Places of interest:


Now referred to by its nickname of “Dead End” almost as often as it’s official name, the once thriving and densely populated district of Sticksland was devastated by an earthquake in 1974, with aftershocks and intermittent further tremors lasting until 1980. Even today, the area isn’t entirely stable, which combined with the way a number of gangs have taken over the ruins has resulted in the whole area being sealed off from the rest of the city by a massive concrete security wall running from the Devil’s Bluff promontory in South Salem to the cliffs below Overlook.

With the city authorities having effectively abandoned Sticksland, the gangs behind the wall have been engaged in an open and bloody turf war for years, with no sign of any let up, as discrete tunnels under and through the wall have made coming and going all too easy.

Places of interest: The Wall , Happyland Amusement Park, The Maul, The Trench


Stockton – or ”The Stocks” as it’s more commonly known - is a district with a very strong contrast between the old and the new.

Having been an early outgrowth from Kingsport, much of the district was reduced to rubble during the Machine War Crisis, when the invading Automatons of Mekanos attempted to secure the nearby international airport as a landing ground for their larger transport ships.

Following the defeat of the Automatons, the area was rebuilt as a modern business park, with the gleaming new buildings in the center of the area contrasting sharply with the older buildings on the edges which escaped the destruction.

The ruined blocks surrounding the old central square of Stockton have been preserved as a memorial to those who died during the battle.

Places of interest: The north-south highway, the international airport, Stockton Memorial


Completed in 1832, this area of the New Harbor was named in honor of the centenary of George Washington's birth.

Places of interest: Argo Shipyard.


One of the most dangerous areas of the city, Westside is the scene is almost constant turf wars between the gangs that menace its streets, making many parts of it a no-go area for the city's police force.

The citizens who live here are either out of work, or in low paid dead-end jobs, and the feelings of frustration, anger and abandonment make it a perfect recruiting ground for the gangs, as well as even more sinister groups.

In the center of the district lies memorial park, which was over the rubble used to fill in the crater that was left when one the Automaton attack ships was brought down during the assault on Titan city during the 1985 Machine War.

Places of interest: Memorial Park, Upper Manigan Bridge, Innbridge Crossing, George Bridge