Game Setting



A massive gas giant encircled by 7 moons, the 3rd of which, named Alvame, is the home of the Alvari, a strange race of luminous crystalline liquid aliens.


The 3rd moon of Belenos, and the home of the alien race known as the Alvari. The landscape of the moon is mostly made up of wide expanses of glittering white sand, broken up by crystalline mountains and hills, along with rivers and oceans of light – the source of this phosphorescent energy comes from the core of the moon, and all living things on Alvame are linked to it, and only exist because of it. The closest the moon has to plant life are crystal growths that are found near the rivers and seas of light, with these “trees” producing a form of luminous “leaves” that provides food for the sentient creatures of Alvame, whose bodies are made up of a tough crystalline substance that houses the luminous crystalline liquid that is the core of their being and which is tied to the source at the center of the moon.

There are 7 major cities on Alvame, with the capital Nemeton being built around a gigantic crystal “tree” that grows in the middle of a large phosphorescent energy lake. The status of the Alvari as peacemakers and collectors of wisdom has made Nemeton a major center for galactic and inter-galactic diplomacy and learning, and ambassadors and student from many races can be found talking and studying in its crystalline halls and towers.

The Starlight League also has a major outpost on Alvame, owing to the Alvari sharing a similar vision to them of cosmic peace.


The planet of Shar is one of the most Earth-like planets that have been discovered so far – not only does its climate and environment resemble that of Earth, but its dominant race is also almost identical to humans – although the other races and much of the wildlife is considerably more alien than anything found on Earth.

Most of the planet is ruled from Shar City by the devious and ruthless Emperor of Shar, whose magnificent palace is home to one of the most luxurious and decadent courts in the known universe.


The blasted red wastelands of Tartaros were the scene of bloodshed and slaughter long before the rise of Azag the Conqueror – war was in the very bones of the planet and the savage race of Tartarians who lived there. But following Azag’s brutal ascent to power, his merciless extermination of his own race for being what he deemed weak, wasteful and unworthy and his repopulation of the planet with legions of augmented clones bred in factories from his own DNA, Tartaros has become a world devoted solely to war.

Vast forges and foundries dot the arid landscape, their endless slave-worked production lines turning out the weapons and war machines that have extended the Dominion of Azag to dozens of other planets, and from the Iron Crown, the enormous tower that rises above his capital city of Dis, Azag’s lust for further conquests grows greater with each new world that falls under his sway.


Once a normal planet like any other, Mekanos is now one vast machine and computer network created by the Automatons who long ago rose up against their organic creators and destroyed them, along with the natural matter of their planet. It is from here that the Automatons have waged their relentless war against all organic life in the multiverse in an attempt to remake it as they remade Mekanos.


Orbiting the star Alpha Centauri, Toliman was once the home world of the Centaurians, until they destroyed one another in a catastrophic civil war instigated by the traitor Urydion who sought supreme power for himself. Today, the ruins of the Centaurian civilization stand as a monument to a lost race and a warning to others of that the destructive power of evil can be found throughout the cosmos


The black, dead planet at the very edge of the universe, where the stars end, and the multiverse bends in on itself and time and space flow strangely. Deep within a jagged range of shattered mountains lies the Nameless Monastery, the lair of the Dark One who rules over the deadly Shadow Warriors.