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Unread postby adman123 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:43 pm

Name: Ernst Kuttner
Affiliations: ChemiCo
Enemies: Helix Group, Crossbreed
(ChemiCo's background)
The Chemical Corporation is a company that was started after World War Two by a Nazi named Ernst Kuttner who had been Hitler's right hand man. He left Germany after the war with a new obssession....Super Humans. During the war he had met the Lemurians who had given the Nazis aid and exposed them to the amazing abilities people could possess. Ernst was a scientific genius and he believed that super powers where the next stage of evolution. That the super humans may be the supreme race. He began doing experiments on people in 1956, at the age of 41, after moving to the U.S.

ChemiCo had become a trusted company in the small U.S town of Edinberry, that supposedly provided cheap chemical energy to families. In reality the energy was slowly mutating the people of Edinberry, turning them into super humans. in about 1961, it became national news when the people in Edinberry began physically mutating. Some grew long twisted featherless wings, some grew fins and webbed feet. The army attempted to quarantine Edinberry but not without a fight since the change seemed to cause the people to go into a primal rage, and attack every non-mutant they saw. Nobody traced the mutations back to Ernst and ChemiCo.

Ernst moved the capitol of ChemiCo to the prosperous Titan City in 1962. ChemiCo had become a major name for chemical energy worldwide. Ernst was able to inject himself with a concoction the ChemiCo scientists created to grant him near immortality. He begins kidnapping homeless people, and drug addicts, to turn into mutant slaves like that are very much like the creatures of Edinberry, except he can command them. People began suspecting that ChemicCo was behind the mutations that had been roaming alleyways, kidnapping people. But everyone who voiced their concerns where usually gone the next day, turned into mutants.

ChemiCo has not perfected the process of giving people super powers, so that is why the test subjects become mindless deformed mutants. The ultimate goal of ChemiCo is to create the Supreme Race of super humans , who he will use to mutate everyone in the world turning them into mindless supermen under his control, without the negative physical effects of the current mutations. The UN has had suspicion of ChemiCo's activities but haven't had any legal reason to investigate them. Allowing Ernst to continue to try to create his supreme race of super soldiers.
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Unread postby GrimStranger » Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:25 pm

Name: Luke Hancock

Alter Ego: Urban Dragon

Date of Birth: September 24, 1976

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Nationality: African-American

Alignment: Hero

Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic

Affiliates: Brazen, Street Patrol

Role within the game: Mission Arc and/or Task Force Contact

Biography: Growing up on the mean streets of Detroit can be rough on a kid but, sometimes it can have the opposite effect. Luke’s father was a boxing trainer at Kronk Gym so he made sure Luke knew how to defend himself.

Luke was often in trouble at school for fighting but, not for picking fights. Luke was the kid defending weaker kids from the school bullies. This made him a bit of target himself as the bullies he beat up at school would follow him on his way home. Sometimes Luke would lose but, most times he would win.

The fighting tapered off as he entered high school and made it through to graduation without any trips to detention or the principal’s office. Upon graduating he followed his dream of joining the Air Force.

After finishing his basic training he entered their schools of aircraft mechanics and maintenance, specializing in repairing their big planes like the C5A Galaxies and C-130 Hercules.

During the rest of his four year tour, when he wasn’t rebuilding a jet engine, he would teach boxing to any of his fellow mechanics as well as the other Air Force personnel on the base. One fellow, Airman Steve Cho, had become best friends with Luke when they were in boot camp together. Luke would tell Steve stories about growing up in Detroit and Steve would tell Luke stories about growing up in San Francisco’s China Town and how family vacations were spent in his parents’ home village in China.

The most fascinating stories that Steve would tell Luke about were of his uncle, Feng, who was a Shaolin monk at a Temple in Tsanchan. Steve promised Luke that he would take him to Tsanchan to meet his uncle when their tour was over. Steve kept his promise and upon their exit from the Air Force in the summer of 1998 took Luke on a trek through China and into Tsanchan to meet Uncle Feng.

Luke was relieved to learn that Steve’s uncle spoke English as he struggled with the Chinese that Steve tried to teach him over the last four years. Uncle Feng welcomed them into what he identified as the Temple of the Vigilant Fist.

Feng Cho was very happy to see his nephew and his nephew’s friend, saying somewhat cryptically that he had been expecting them for quite some time, especially Luke. Recognizing the confused look on Luke’s face Feng went on to explain that through meditation the universe had given him a premonition of Luke’s arrival. Feng continued to tell Luke that he was to stay and learn the ways of the Vigilant Fist. His nephew Steve, of course, was welcome to stay too but, the universe didn’t have any special plans for Steve. So, after a month Steve went back to the United States.

The Vigilant Fist training was rigorous and did not solely revolve around learning the numerous forms of Shaolin Kung Fu but, methods of meditation and holistic healing techniques as well.

Six years had passed when a letter arrived at the Temple addressed to Luke, it was from Steve. In the letter Steve informed Luke that he was now living in Titan City and that he was going to start a private aircraft maintenance business there. He asked Luke to be his partner in the venture. Luke showed the letter to Feng Cho, he read it, turned to Luke and nodded.

Upon Luke’s arrival in Titan City, Steve took him on a tour of the city which ended at a hangar at the end of the Greendale Airfield, the new home of S & L Aircraft Support Services. After showing Luke around their new business Steve takes Luke to his home in Newhaven to temporarily stay until Luke can find a home of his own.

Two weeks later Luke is in Westside picking up a part for an airplane that he is rebuilding when he sees two women, one middle-aged and one elderly, walking down the street carrying groceries. He observes six obvious street thugs emerge from a nearby alley and begin to accost the two women. Luke parks the truck as his old instincts to protect people kick in and he crosses the street. The thugs see him approach so they ignore the women to prepare for a confrontation. A brief verbal exchange occurs followed by a thorough pummeling of the six thugs.

Luke makes sure the two women are alright and then escorts them home. Upon returning to the truck Luke sees a muscular man in his 60s standing by it, the man extends his hand and introduces himself as John Layer adding that some of the local folk call him Brazen. Brazen compliments Luke on his handling of the thugs and making sure that the two ladies made it home safely. Brazen finishes the conversation with Luke by inviting him to dinner that night, Luke accepts and heads back to S & L.

That evening Brazen tells Luke the details about dire situation that the decent citizens of Westside and neighborhoods like Westside are forced to live with. Brazen then goes on to tell Luke about Street Patrol and the impact that they have had, that they are regarded as the “People’s Heroes” among the residents of these tougher districts of Titan City. Luke asks if Street Patrol was recruiting, Brazen flashes a wide smile and confesses that he had hoped Luke would ask that.

Now operating under the nom de guerre of Urban Dragon, Luke stands watch in Westside serving the People by directing heroes’ efforts in thwarting the plans of that district’s most nefarious warlords and gangs.
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Unread postby Sonic Moonbeam » Sat May 03, 2014 6:13 pm

In CoH, our Supergroup did Role Play and I never unveiled a character I had been working on.

Name: Felicia Waters

Alias: Lady Luna

Felicia is the daughter of world renowned and deceased bio-chemist, Dr. Joyce Waters. Dr. Waters research was in pheromones and their affect on the human physiology.

Felicia had dropped out of college where she was studying to be a veterinarian and backpacked across Europe to "find herself". While she was in Europe Dr. Waters was in a serious car accident and died without Felicia ever knowing. Her research was taken over by one of her assistants, Travis Buffington III, who had differing ideas on what to do withtheir work.

Dr. Waters was approached several times by military official backed by black project funding to develop her work into something that could be used militarily as a weapon. She refused, of course, but Travis was eager to get on that teat! Craving power, money and most of all, notoriety, he began taking the research to a darker place.

Felicia returned home to find out about her Mother's passing and while at her mother's estate, she accidentally found evidence her Mother was about to go to human trials with some of her serums. Pouring over the research, she decided to continue her mother's work. She and Travis fought for what seemed like months and finally Felicia wrestled away the research and began advancing her mother's research.

Felicia eventually tried the serum on herself and had decided it didn't work. All that happened to her was she became very photosensitive and could only venture outdoors and to her lab to work at night. Slowly she began to change and found men began to notice her and do what ever she desired. The serum had enhanced her with a strong pheromone that caused such reactions in men...women not so much. It tended to make women confrontational with her.

After a time, she was approached by another division of the military who had been watching and following her. They needed help investigating the various things that go "bump in the night" and became Lady Luna, using her pheromone powers to interrogate and track down any information she needed.

Did I forget to mention Travis Buffington III became her arch-nemesis turning
the serum he stole into poisons and neuro-toxins? :)

This might possibly work as a science contact and also have a unique feature that could be applied to several contacts...that they are only available at night. Perhaps if someone is directed to this contact, they would know to "meet them under the bridge when its dark" or a late time like midnight. This could work for Vampires, etc...
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Unread postby Helix_Group » Sat May 03, 2014 9:45 pm

Hello everyone! After a very long hiatus, I have returned and with a new Hero too! Hope you all like him!

Name: Aidan James Overbrook

Alter Ego: The Patriot

Date of Birth: July 4th, 1981

Alignment: Hero

Occupation: Acting CEO and head of Overbrook Enterprises board of Directors, Current Patriot

Affiliates: The Legion, Overbrook Enterprises

Nationality: American

Description: Aidan is 5'8 with short black hair. His eyes are brown and his jaw is squared. He is quite handsome and is usually seen with a drink in his hand. He often wears business suits or tuxedos to major events.

Costume: A red, white and blue body suit with bulletproof armor and utility belt, ankle length cape and a blue cowl adorned with a tricorn hat. He wears a voice modulating device under the suit's lining to give his voice a deeper tone.

Power Type: Natural

Powers: Gadgets, genius intellect, expert martial artist and pugilist

Limitations: Normal man

Origin: The Origin of the Patriot dates back to the 1700's, during the settling of the new world. General Washington, on the eve of hearing that Britain would return to claim the Americans, decreed and adopted an alternate persona to act as a figurehead of the revolution and act as an inspirational symbol to the tired and morale starved men he commanded. Dubbed this ego "The Patriot of Free Men", General Washington led his men to victory using a variety of inventions and gadgets provided by his friend Benjamin Franklin. When the war came to a close, General Washington stepped down from the role and passed it to his dear friend Benjamin Franklin, who assumed the role himself for a time. Over the course of 400 years the mantle of the Patriot of Free Men, soon shortened to "The Patriot", has been passed down from generations of brave men and women who all held the same belief of justice and honor. Other famous Patriots were Elanor Roosevelt, Fredrick Douglas and even Ronald Reagan. The prior Patriot, Edgar Overbrook, was a successful entrepreneur and Mayor Elect of Titan before Ms. Gold. He was The Patriot for over twenty years.

Aidan James Overbrook was born into the legacy of the Patriot when his Father received the mantle two years prior to Aidan's birth. Over time, Aidan looked up to his father, but never felt he could ever truly succeed him. As a result, Aidan spent most of his youth and adulthood engaging in reckless and troublesome behavior. On the eve of his Father's retirement, Aidan and Edgar had a heart to heart talk about the future of the cowl in the Justice Lair. Edgar revealed his intentions to pass it to Aidan. Aidan was shocked that his father would entrust him with the Patriot asking why, after years of screwing up and being an asshole, would his father trust him to be one of the greatest heroes in American History. Edgar explained that he never felt shamed by his son's antics and admired that his son, no matter how much trouble he got in, always kept a high moral standard and never wavered from it. "A Patriot is not judged by the mistakes of his past, but by the character of his present, to ensure the safety of the future." Aidan was profoundly touched by his father's words and agreed to be the next Patriot. However, he pointed out that he would have to keep his identity a secret, as he was certain Titan City would not accept such a ill received man like himself to be the next Great American Crimefighter. Edgar begrudgingly agreed to keep his son's secret, disappointed that Aidan's true character would go unknown. Aidan then dropped a bombshell on his father with an additional reason why he could not risk his public identity: Aidan is homosexual.

Aidan cringed, expecting an angry tirade from his father and his position as hero revoked. Edgar simply grinned and stated "Well, if you're keeping one identity secret, might as well be open about another." Edgar accepted his son's lifestyle and encouraged "Aidan" to come out, at least. Aidan agreed, happy for his father's understanding.

On the day of the passing of the mantle, Aidan publicly denounced the "New Patriot" and in the boorish nature the city had come to expect from him, revealed his homosexuality. The "New Patriot", played by Aidan's boyfriend and business partner Tucker Reed, accepted Aidan's denouncement. "Patriot" explained his new found secret identity, citing personal need for privacy. "Patriot" then continued with the ceremony, accepting the mantle secretly on Aidan's behalf. After the event, Aidan trained in secret with his father to prepare him for his new responsibilities as a hero. He was inducted into the Legion shortly afterwards, with no one the wiser.

Aidan continues to lead his double life acting as a spoiled and uncaring playboy by day and being The Patriot by night. Very few people know they are one and the same and Aidan aims to keep it that way.
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Unread postby bluedarky » Mon May 05, 2014 8:47 pm

Two new characters for you to think on.

Name: Stephan Brown

Alias: The Investigator

Are you a hero living in Titan City? Do you need to go to court due to your actions as a hero? Then don't hesitate, call Brown Legal today for the best free legal representation Titan City can offer.

These ads are a common site in Titan City, but whenever a hero is called to answer for their actions in court the man behind them, along with his aide, is usually there to represent the hero in question for free.

He first appeared three years ago, fresh out of law school at the age of 27 and stepped up to represent a hero accused of manslaughter due to choosing to stop a villain rather than save the citizen he was holding hostage, a case that most the other lawyers in the city had refused to take, and the ones that would had charged exorbitant fees well beyond the means of the hero in the dock.

Following a successful defense he set up his law office in the city providing pro bono legal counsel and representation for heroes and other meta humans throughout Titan City and the surrounding area. Over the years people have questioned how he runs a legal office whilst only taking Pro Bono cases, he has however admitted that he gets a generous amount of donations from several companies and wealthy citizens who wish to support any effort to assist the meta human population of Titan City.

What most people don't know however is that he is also the hero known only as The Investigator, his hero identity is rarely seen and considered a myth amongst the general population. To most villains however he is a very real threat, preferring to act through intermediaries rather than directly, he gathers information his information and uses it to discover the goals and current activities of various villains. Several times now the police have been passed information from The Investigator that proved to be more accurate than they'd care to admit.

On the rare occasion that he decides to act personally, or the rarer occasions when a villain locates him and decides to attack, he uses his brilliant analytical mind combined with years of martial arts practice to combat his opponents directly.

Even now however, he sees the links that others have missed. Something big is on the horizon for TItan City, and even his skills will be stretched to find out what it is before it happens.


Name: Amanda Johnson

Alias: The Student

You remember the last time you saw Stephan Brown in court, you remember the way he stood tall and proud, defending his client till the bitter end and more than likely succeeding. Do you remember the awkward young woman who carried his paperwork and made sure he always had the right information, often before the prosecution had even called the witness. No, well that's just the way she wants it.

At 24 years old Amanda Johnson has worked under Stephan Brown since he started up his law office and he openly admits to his clients that he always listens to how she feels about his clients. What most of his clients don't know is that Amanda Johnson is a powerful psychic which makes her gut feelings about their clients more than a little accurate.

Amanda's secret identity as the Student is best known as the primary agent of the Investigator, gathering the information he uses to drive villains towards defeat. The sound of her heels hitting the ground in many of the hangouts for lowlifes in the city is enough to send those who cannot defend against her psychic intrusions running, lest they reveal all their bosses secrets to her.
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Unread postby Ekimmak » Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:18 am

It's only fair that if one could get in, their rival should take the opposing stands.

Farley Darknight

Farley Grey never had anything to go back to. Her father was an alcoholic and corrupt cop, her mother was murdered and the crime never went unsolved. All she ever had were her school friends, and her music. Probably her closest friend, and musical rival, was Damian Nocturne, despite their differences. He had natural talent and came from a wealthy family, she worked her fingers to the bone practicing, with nothing to call her own. And yet, they formed a strange friendship through their competition.

This changed on the night that Damian lost everything in the fire. All of his friends flocked to try and console him, and Farley was one of the first to do so. But, being the closest of them also meant she could tell what he was truly feeling, and even though his words were perfect to line, she could tell that they weren't sorrowful laments, they were of concealed fury.

It was these suspicions that kept her alive, as when he made a blood sacrifice to perform dark magic, she was the only one to survive. and believing Damian Nocturne to be dead, she got on with her life.

One year later, she was proven wrong. Having arranged for a small musical concert of her own, funded with her own sweat and tears, and intended to kickstart her career, she was bought out at the last second by the Darknights, world famous musical band led by Drake Darknight. Feeling spiteful, Farley snuck backstage after the show with the intention of taking scandalous photos to sell to the press. What she found was the Darknights feasting on their songwriter for one failure too many.

The Darknights were vampires.

She quickly called the police, but was caught before she could transmit evidence. They kidnapped her, to use as their new songwriter, as Drake (or Damian, as he was once known to her) remembered her talent, and since the position was open... Farley played along, hoping for a chance to escape. The opportunity did arise, and Farley did try to take it, but she was caught, and killed.

This should have been the end of her, but, in her dying struggle, she injured Drake, her killer. His blood was mixed in with hers, and one week after her burial, she rose from the dead, and clawed her way out of the grave.

The following year of her life is a mystery. But when she returned to the spotlight, she had gained combat training, and skills in slaughtering the supernatural. Farley Grey now runs a pirate radio station, both to spread her music with no limitations, and to give out tips on the operations of The Darknights and the Silver Sentinels, a cult of radical monster hunters. Only now, she goes by a new name, presumably one to goad her would-be murderers.

Farley Darknight.
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Unread postby bluedarky » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:54 pm

The Mind Shadow

Villain/Villain group

During the first age of heroes a secretive cult existed consisting of those with mental powers beyond that of normal humans, they worked for years expanding their mental powers until they became as near to gods as humans could, then one day they discovered a horrifying truth, that their expanding of their mental prowess had put the world in jeopardy of destroying itself in a maelstrom of psychic energy. Horrified at the destruction their actions would cause they worked towards a solution to this horrifying future.

The solution was difficult, the damage was done, just stopping their training would do no good as they had created many more psychics who were in turn unknowingly creating more, they needed a solution that would lower the psychic potential of the world. After many years of study they hit upon a solution, by combining their powers they could create a creature of thought that would feed upon psychic energy lowering the power of psychics across the world. After many long days and rituals they completed the creature and found themselves cut off from the higher planes they had achieved previously.

The creature continued to feed, draining energy from psychics all over the world, reducing their powers to prevent the maelstrom the cult had foreseen, without a physical body and with it's feeding preventing psychics from reaching the higher realms in which it existed it was safe from harm. The creature fed voraciously through the first age of heroes and prevented the outbreak of the maelstrom until the first age of heroes ended. When the age of heroes ended it contained itself and slept until the psychic energy needed to sustain it appeared again.

The creature awoke in the 1930s as a powerful mentalist known as the madman raged throughout the east coast of America, when he realised his powers were being reduced he searched for the cause, until he came across the creature in the higher psychic realms. Recognising the creatures power he sought to gain it for himself and attacked the creature. As it had existed alone in the higher realm for millennia the creature had no knowledge of how to defend itself, so it did the only thing it knew how and absorbed the entirety of the Madman's mental powers killing the Madman's body.

But the Madman's mind persisted, now a part of the creature that had only ever fed off latent psychic energy, never a full human mind. The creature found itself questioning it's existence, and even becoming insane, it had acquired power from it's new self awareness and wanted more. It continued to feed and plotted.

The creatures main problem was the lack of physics powerful enough to infiltrate the higher planes, it knew it was responsible for this due to it's feeding but it's hunger would not allow it to stop. It's second problem was that it was not designed to exist in the material plane of existence so it couldn't just go down and eat a few psychics minds for power. Yet in it's insanity a spark flickered, if psychics could project aspects of their minds up here, what was stopping it project aspects to the material plane...

Realising it's hope had come it began breaking into the separate personality traits of the Madman to increase it's number, each trait would acquire a mind and break itself into the traits of that mind in order to create an endless army. Satisfied with it's plan they started to focus their powers to manifest in the physical world.

When the psychic shadows first appeared in the shape of the Madman, people thought they were seeing ghosts. However when psychics turned up and found the shadows twisting into copies of them they realised the truth, that some powerful psychic force was attacking, something that was only a shadow of a mind.

Plots and schemes -

The Mind Shadow seeks power, which it gets by draining the minds of powerful psychics. Each time it absorbs a psychics mind it's power grows. Although the shadow normally exists as a fragmented single mind, each fragment is capable of independent thought and planning. Some of the minds within it even have goals at odds with it's quest for power, although the Madman's mind still forms most of it's base desire for power.

The Mind Shadow's minions (referred to as Shadows for the rest of this) consist of one or more personality traits, the more traits one has the more powerful it is with some of the most powerful being indistinguishable from normal humans. The most powerful act as generals leading the other traits and even have the ability to fuse them to create personalised soldiers.

Low ranking Shadows tend to look like twisted copies of humanity, their bodies twisted to focus the trait they're made of. As a shadow gains more traits it looks more and more human, at about 6 traits they're practically indistinguishable by sight alone.

Complete shadows, those that have enough traits to pass as human come in two types, amalgamations and copies, amalgamations are formed from the traits of two or more different people, copies are direct copies of a person although different traits can rise to the surface. Copies tend to also look like how a person perceives themselves rather than how they really look.

Recently however the Mind Shadow has also discovered that by fusing enough traits it can manifest directly, initially this manifestation takes on a form of a giant version of the Madman but when attacked it breaks down into a wilder, more bestial form more representative of it's original nature.

Despite it's destructive nature the Mind Shadow is impossible to destroy outright, first of all when it's physical manifestation is destroyed it merely retreats back to it's psychic plane to recover, secondly is the warning that the descendants of those who created it give, a warning that implies that it is better to leave it as an insane maniac with a lust for power than to destroy it outright.

(Just realised this may go better in the Groups section, if you want me to move it just send me a PM and I'll do it)
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Re: Characters General Discussion

Unread postby adman123 » Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:37 pm

Name: Adrian Samarino

Alter Ego: Gray Ghost

Date of Birth: 2/15/81

Alignment: Vigilante

Occupation: Vigilante/Thief

Affiliates: Salem Sentinels, various street level groups, The Legion

Nationality: Italian American

Description: Black hair kept in a buzzcut, bright blue eyes. Athletic physique about 5,11. Wheres a gray costume with black down the middle. Has a utility belt with two guns on the side.

Power Type:Dual Weapons/Melee/Gadgets

Powers: Gray Ghost possess knowledge of several different martial arts, and has mastered the use of his dual pistols. He has several gadgets that allow him to continue his fight against crime.

Origin: Adrian is the brother of Gorilla Joe Samarino, who is the most feared mobster in Titan City. Adrian, unlike his brothers, didn't want to take part in the "family business". He was the smallest and weakest of his brothers and was constantly physically and mentally abused by all except for his mother. His mother began to realize the kind of monster her husband was, and saw the monsters he was turning his sons into. All except for Adrian, who had continued to be kind-hearted and refused to hurt people. His mother began trying to teach him to grow up into a good person, attempting to stop his father from turning him into a monster like his brothers. When his father found out....he was outraged.

Adrian's mother realized that his life was at stake and she sent him away, telling him to go to Titan City with $300 in cash and find a man named Donald Cameron, who was a friend of hers who she knew would raise Adrian right. Adrian escaped barely an hour before his mother was murdered by his father. He ran to Titan City and didn't stop until he got there. When he found Donald, he was told the truth. That his mother was dead. Adrian became depressed and suicidal for a while, but Donald helped him through it. Donald knew that as long as the Samarino Family was in power, Adrian could never be safe. In order to give him a better chance at survival Donald had him trained in different styles of martial arts, and had him learn how to use various guns.

Adrian was a brilliant inventor and combatant and as he grew old in Titan City surrounded by the influence of costumed crusaders he decided what he needed to do. He would end crime in his native home of Sticksland, and specifically the Samarino Family as a costumed vigilante. The Gray Ghost. He would be the reason that criminals glanced over their shoulders in fear. He would be the reason that scumbags everywhere were afraid of the night...and he would be the hope for the innocent people of Sticksland and Titan City. He has occasionally worked with The Legion and the Salem Sentinels but mainly with a group he has started called the Phantom Force, which is a ragtag group of Heroes and Vigilantes working together to tackle street crime.

He now fights crime as the Gray Ghost using the money he takes from mobsters and drug dealers to pay for the tools he needs to continue his crusade, with Donald working behind the scenes directing him as his eyes and ears on the street. He continues to be the Phantom of the Streets, watching over the innocent and punishing the guilty.
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Re: Characters General Discussion

Unread postby Golden Girl » Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:23 pm

The name "Gray Ghost" has actually been floating around our lore for a bit now, without being firmly attached to a character yet - so this character suggestion might end up as the definitive one for it.
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Re: Characters General Discussion

Unread postby Chaotic.Blues » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:33 pm

Directorate File 731492
Random Encounter

Real Name: Unknown

Date of Birth: Presumed sometime after the sixties.

Alignment: Neutral (or as he likes to say true Neutral)

Affiliation: Random Encounters game store

Nationality: American, or Canadian. But most likely American

Description: Cacasion with brown hair. Average height, and build. Clothing varies, but usually a it's a trench coat over blue jeans, and a blue T shirt. However, he has been sighted wearing everything from futuristic battle suite, to doublet and hose, and once a samurai kimono. His exact age is hard to pin down. most of the time he looks like he's in his early to mid twenties, but on occasion he has looked either younger or older.

Confirmed: Pistol and sword, and some line of sight telaportation.
Suspected: Time and space travel whenever he goes though a door. (scribbled note - Jhon don't trash this yet, man. I know some of the higher ups have problems with the idea. However, it's the only way half this stuff makes sense!)

Origin: Random Encounter first appeared on surveillance cameras only about twelve years ago. His ability to just show up in supposedly secure facilities alarmed many, especially given that he always comes in by opening a door of some kind. He would stay for a few minuets, look though what ever papers were laying around on people's desks and then leave the same way.

Many started to call for heroes to try and stop him, but with little effect. Given that he just seemed to show up and leave without taking anything. Most put him down as harmless. However, that changed when he publicly fought Brazen and The Street Patrol. The fight was short lived, and criptic as Brazen would latter account mostly because Random Encounter (aside from his unique combat bannter) kept demanding to know what Brazen did with his sub.

Fears of a new, and seemingly insane super villain began to rise. These deflated somewhat when Random Encounter frog marched a team of Bank Robbers into the waiting arms of the cops. And thus Random encounter's real debut began.

Neither for, nor truly against anyone one, he remains an enigmatic figure. However, what has given most pause is his seeming knowledge of future events, usually tied to odd statements that make little sense at the time. That, tied with his ability to open doors to places very far away. Some have begun to suspect that he may be from either the past of the future. Some of his comments lead have led me to believe he's looking for something.

I pray he never dose, for I fear what it might be.
<End File>
Notes: Random Encounter should never be the main bad (or Good) guy. Yeah he might work either for or against the players based on the whims of the wrighter. I always envisioned him wandering into a situation, and doing what ever.
His battle dialog reads like a hyped up D&D gammer.
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