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Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:08 am
by Exo-Buster
Golden Girl wrote:I think that the concept could fit in pretty well in the world that we're developing, although Lemuria is currently more of a background element right now, rather than something that will be taking up a lot of the planned launch content.


I wasn't sure where to tie in Koschei's origins and went for Lemuria since they seemed suitably ancient. He can be pretty easily refluffed into being an independent force though.

I had the idea that generally the greatest of the undead in a superhero setting is either a ghost or a vampire, and I thought why not mix things up a little and bring in a Lich instead? A Lich has a built in means of returning to plague the setting again and again and skeletal/dessicated forms of undead don't get used quite enough outside of outright fantasy these days. Also the idea of a Sorcerer who railed at the very thought of death taking him but refused to be anyone else's slave as Vampirism would entail, and thus sought out a means of eternal existence even at the cost of his own flesh and the vestiges of his humanity is pretty cool. Plus a Necromancer villain can always have an army at hand, and his avatars bring in the doom bot dilemma. Did you defeat him? Or did you just take out another copy?

It makes him rather suitable for an MMO's world where reoccuring villains frequently need explanations for how they got out of their prior defeat at the hand of the PCs and where their minions came from. Adding in the detail of him not being at his full power (and still capable of growing in his sorcerous might even then) also gives a natural way for the threat to escalate.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:00 pm
by Blaze Rocker
Exo-Buster wrote:Thanks!

I wasn't sure where to tie in Koschei's origins and went for Lemuria since they seemed suitably ancient. He can be pretty easily refluffed into being an independent force though.

I had the idea that generally the greatest of the undead in a superhero setting is either a ghost or a vampire, and I thought why not mix things up a little and bring in a Lich instead? A Lich has a built in means of returning to plague the setting again and again and skeletal/dessicated forms of undead don't get used quite enough outside of outright fantasy these days. Also the idea of a Sorcerer who railed at the very thought of death taking him but refused to be anyone else's slave as Vampirism would entail, and thus sought out a means of eternal existence even at the cost of his own flesh and the vestiges of his humanity is pretty cool. Plus a Necromancer villain can always have an army at hand, and his avatars bring in the doom bot dilemma. Did you defeat him? Or did you just take out another copy?

It makes him rather suitable for an MMO's world where reoccuring villains frequently need explanations for how they got out of their prior defeat at the hand of the PCs and where their minions came from. Adding in the detail of him not being at his full power (and still capable of growing in his sorcerous might even then) also gives a natural way for the threat to escalate.

Sounds like this could be HaV's version of Nemesis. Until you did the Rikti War Zone arcs you never fought the real one. You had to get to the end of the game to do it. I could go for this. :)

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Unread postPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:13 am
by Exo-Buster
Blaze Rocker wrote:
Exo-Buster wrote:Thanks!

I wasn't sure where to tie in Koschei's origins and went for Lemuria since they seemed suitably ancient. He can be pretty easily refluffed into being an independent force though.

I had the idea that generally the greatest of the undead in a superhero setting is either a ghost or a vampire, and I thought why not mix things up a little and bring in a Lich instead? A Lich has a built in means of returning to plague the setting again and again and skeletal/dessicated forms of undead don't get used quite enough outside of outright fantasy these days. Also the idea of a Sorcerer who railed at the very thought of death taking him but refused to be anyone else's slave as Vampirism would entail, and thus sought out a means of eternal existence even at the cost of his own flesh and the vestiges of his humanity is pretty cool. Plus a Necromancer villain can always have an army at hand, and his avatars bring in the doom bot dilemma. Did you defeat him? Or did you just take out another copy?

It makes him rather suitable for an MMO's world where reoccuring villains frequently need explanations for how they got out of their prior defeat at the hand of the PCs and where their minions came from. Adding in the detail of him not being at his full power (and still capable of growing in his sorcerous might even then) also gives a natural way for the threat to escalate.

Sounds like this could be HaV's version of Nemesis. Until you did the Rikti War Zone arcs you never fought the real one. You had to get to the end of the game to do it. I could go for this. :)

Plus a Necromancer of Koschei's power (even in his reduced state he still walked the fields of the eastern front like an angry god and challenged the Stalin's superhumans wherever he went and does not beholden himself to anyone else's hierarchy) always has minions to call upon. He doesn't even need corpses or souls, he can just weave necromantic power into inanimate objects and create golems at will; or summon extradimensional creatures or mind control others, and there are always people who would worship him and follow him in hopes of learning his ways so that one day; they too can be powerful.

And while Sorcery is his main deal, he's not above studying the ways of science, if only to understand how it works so that he can counter it. You could see him talking shop with mad scientists to better understand their craft and reading through scientific papers on his own. Knowledge is power after all, and it would scarcely pay to lock oneself out of information. He could even team up with or hire out mad scientist villains to create fusions of Necromantic power and dark science.

And yeah; you're never quite sure if you've actually fought the real Koschei, or just another Lich disguised as him or one of his avatars or magical simalcrums. Given his burning hatred of Russia (he'll quite happily rule the world; Russia though, he would leave as dust and ash with nothing but the silent dead to stand in testimony to him, such is his loathing of the land that thwarted his first big attempt to return), Russian and/or Ex-Soviet superheroes could also be a good tie in to him, in addition to other mysticists and your more standard avenues of contact.

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by Exo-Buster
Heinrich von Schwarzhart: The War Marshal of Koschei: Real name, Heinarch

Occupation: One of Koschei's thirteen Necrocrats; his lieutenants. The Necrocrat of Terror to be exact.

Alignment: Villain.

Appearance: A giant skeleton, nearly three meters tall clad in heavy black, gold, and purple plate armor with a helmet that has a crown of blades around its temples. The closed helmet has purple flames of undeath burning through its eyepieces; and the helmet's faceplate is modeled after a skull. The symbol of Koschei, a Dragon skull with bat wings attached to its side, is displayed proudly on his chest while his own symbol of an axe made of bones is on his shoulders. A flowing cape flaps in the wind behind him, and in his hands is a mighty pollaxe; with the axe head resembling a cleaver, the pick end the barb of a scorpion, and the speartip at the front being like the stinger of a wasp. This axe glows with malevolent dark energies that seek to reap the life from those who oppose Koschei, feeding him with the energies of unlife with each blow he deals.

Powers: Dark magic, Magic weapons and armor, undead resilience, superhuman physiology. Wields the axe "death's lover",and the black armor "raiment of despair", sometimes rides on mounts provided to him by Koschei. Heals when he does damage with his axe, which combined with his incredible resilience and his magical armor makes him incredibly tanky. Highly skilled fighter with few peers or equals; skeletal body means he has no weak points to hit or harm and takes even less damage from piercing and cutting attacks than someone in plate armor normally would.


Once a mighty warrior in the first age of powers who had devoted himself to the dark powers of the antiverse, Heinarch in time would meet death from poison by rivals who could not best him in battle. Buried with his armor, weapons, and retainers in a barrow in what is now Scandinavia, Heinarch found his spirit abandoned by his former masters; entrapped with his tomb and raging all the while. But Koschei, having turned to darkness many centuries before; soon uncovered his barrow in his search for powerful and worthy beings to join him in undeath and serve him as lieutenants. The enchantments of Heinarch's rivals were overpowered and his skeletal form was retrieved from its prison, along with the bodies of his most loyal followers; slain and buried with him. Grateful to Koschei for freeing him, Heinarch became one of the Lich's most loyal followers; and certainly one of his most physically imposing. Already a giant of a man whose body coursed with tremendous power, augmented by his dark pacts in life; his undead form was even more terrible to behold. Some would have perhaps more finesse in combat than he did, one was even larger and stronger than he, but out of the Necrocrats, Heinarch had the capacity for military genius and inspiring fear in his enemies; a talent put to great use in Koschei's first attempt to conquer the world.

When powers began to fade from the world, Koschei began to align with his old home of Lemuria against the fabled nation of atlantis; seeing them as his greatest obstacle to creating a perfect order for the world where none shall live in want and no strife would exist without his permission; from which he would launch mankind's destiny to conquer the heavens themselves with a tide of the dead. Heinarch slew many Atlantean heroes and defeated army after army, the skeletal warlord's heavy armour and necrotically empowered frame shrugging off blows with ease while he fed on the terror he sowed; his armies growing with the ranks of the dead as he marched for his beloved master. He hungered for battle and slavered at the destiny that Koschei promised; a glorious conquest of the stars that would make his name immortal, but such was not to be. In the final cataclysmic outcome of the war, both Lemuria and Atlantis sunk beneath the waves while Koschei's form was shattered; though a master of death like he could not truly die. However, the already tenuous grip powers had on the world were weakened even further, and undead like Heinarch; so dependent on magic to exist, were forced to find pockets of dark magic to replace their usual expenditures of dark magic that sustained their bodies. And so most of the lesser undead crumbled; while the former lords of undeath hid away for thousands of years, inspiring terrible legends in later cultures.

Heinarch spent much of the intervening time in the north pole; where he could find the strongest concentrations of such power to sustain his body, fighting with others who sought refuge in the frigid arctic unless they were loyal to Koschei. Working with some of his fellow necrocrats he sought to restore Koschei and bring back the age of powers to finish his great work, but successes were at best limited; a flare up of powers here and there, often not even caused by them. Still, after spending centuries trapped in a barrow; heinarch had learned enough patience to be able to wait the millenia out, occasionally venturing south when he could. When Koschei returned for a time in Russia, he gladly served alongside his former master and reaped a terrible tally on the Russian people, but Koschei was defeated by Prince Ivan; weakened as he was by the state of powers in the world while the Prince had the backing of virtually all his land could give him, and Heinarch had to return north once again, making sure to recover his master's body along with the other most loyal followers of the necromancer. He acquired his German name in a brief stint south; the spirit of Koschei demanding a terrible vengeance on the Russian people; he disguised himself as a Teutonic Knight and partook in the invasion of Russia there but was soon forced to pull back after the knights discovered his true nature to their horror in the midst of his slaughter in Russia.

However, the world was changing more and more quickly. Where once one could wait a thousand years and see little difference in the tools of mankind; after all little separated Sumer from Babylon in technological ability and a high medieval army was not all that much more sophisticated in the tools it used than the armies of Rome; now the world was changing drastically in the course of centuries and even decades or years. His spies told him of how man had rediscovered how to sail across great oceans, how to wield gunpowder as weapons, how to streamline the process of manufacture. And this only continued to accelerate with the oncoming of the steam engine and later advances like electricity. Pagan faiths that once dominated all of the western world disappeared in what, to his eyes; seemed to be overnight, and places of enlightenment like universities soon supplanted the monotheistic faith as the center of knowledge. When the industrial age came, Heinarch could feel something momentous happening. Even as man became enamored of its victorian era scientific rationalism; the irrational, the supernatural, began to stir once again. He knew not why or how, but the winds of change were coursing through the world in more ways than what the victorian thinkers had thought.

Some attribute some of the odder occurances in the often forgotten eastern front of world war one to the necrocrats, but it was in the time that followed the bloody death of the victorian age in the trenches and fields of Europe and the Middle East that what Heinarch and his companions had been waiting for all along to occur. Power surged back into the world, no longer would the creatures born of it have to hide in the shadows, they were free to walk the world as a generation returned home after four years of unrelenting horror and death. At long last, Koschei could truly live again in proper glory; not as much reduced avatars or through puppets, but in his true godlike power. Heinarch rejoiced, the great work could be completed and the living would know the guiding skeletal hand of their destined master at long last. Even if Koschei was not yet at full power; some parts of him still in need of retrieval; and certainly not at the power he sought; he strode the earth as a mighty titan once more.

Koschei regarded the state of the world with disgust. So many people prattling about useless ideals such as democracy, liberalism, anarchism, and communism; speaking of the ideas of equality and how power came from the many rather than the few. This was not how it worked, the mighty shepherded the meek, they did not count stones among themselves to decide what was to be done. Even more, Russia's continued existence, as a great power nontheless, enraged him. The land that had humiliated him, the descendants of Ivan, would burn. He found some amusement in how the Soviet Union had slid from its initial high minded ideals into autocracy, but such could only briefly temper his rage. Heinarch offered to lead a great army and slay all those of Ivan's blood, but Koschei had another idea. Just as Koschei had allied with his homeland of Lemuria in the ancient past, he would find allies among the living; those he deemed to have worthiness to them. He carefully looked through the world and found such worthies in Italy, Hungary, Romania, Japan, and especially Germany. Koschei made a dark pact with Hitler some time before Lemuria did; offering to teach the burgeoning Axis his dark secrets in exchange for furthering his plans to make an empire of darkness. The question of who would rule in the end of course; was to be left for later.

Heinarch would once again find himself leading vast armies in some earlier actions of the war; but it was with operation Barbarossa that he would truly find himself at home. Once again marching into the east; the Soviet Union came to fear the dead. Heinarch; surrounded by his barrow-wights, also reanimated long dead Teutonic Knights, Prussians, and those who had fallen in the previous world war as he marched towards Leningrad. Hitler and Koschei agreed that the city had to be taken, and the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS would find itself marching alongside the unliving. The Soviet Union's population of superhumans was harshly affected by Stalin's purges, as the so called man of steel greatly feared any such beings who were not fiercely loyal to him; and many were more loyal than they were powerful or skilled; meeting their ends trying to stop the fascist invasion of the motherland. Stalin's literalist interpretations of materialism also lead to an initial Soviet weakness in those who could deal with magic being turned against them, and many Soviet soldiers simply panicked and ran at the sight of the undead approaching. But as the brutal slaughter of a British hero team sent to try and reinforce the Soviet positions when they tried to fight Heinarch himself showed; Heinarch was simply too powerful and skilled for many of the heroes he had fought in an era when everyone was still trying to figure out how to make use of superhumans in armies.

Heinarch found the changes in how war was fought relatively easy to adjust to; military skill boiled down to a willingness and ability to adapt more than half the time after all. But he often did not truly appreciate the ties to logistics that his living allies had and found himself exasperated by the contradiction of an army that so valued its tanks, planes, and wonder weapons when so many supplies were still being carried by horse drawn carriages. The brutality of the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union had another effect; though it made the Soviets fear the Axis, it also made them hate them and angry at them for their litany of atrocities. Furthermore, Axis racial policies alienated most potential allies as nationalists found that Hitler made no distinction between any given variety of Slav in his plans for the east and Koschei was all too happy to see them in chains or slaughtered; and cavorting with the dead greatly soured many more who might have fought against Stalin otherwise.

Heinarch found his progress continually slowed by all manner of setbacks and an enemy that very quickly realized that this was no ordinary war; but a war of annihilation. When one's options are fight or languish in death and slavery, one will fight with everything they have; and to the annoyance of the Necrocrats; the Soviets started cremating their dead if they could not bring them for burial far behind the frontlines as part of their policy or scorched earth; denying corpses to fuel Koschei's armies. With the disaster at Moscow and the winter of 1941, Heinarch was recalled from Leningrad to help prevent a general collapse of Axis lines as part of Hitler's "not one step back" policy, and from thereafter found himself wheeling around the eastern front to support offensives or defenses; and found that the enemy that they had thought would collapse so quickly was adapting to their ways of war; learning from their defeats to pay the Axis back. At Stalingrad, he helped his master wage war for the city; but when Koschei fled to protect his needle that made him able to so casually return from any destruction so long as it had enough energy around it to do so; he too withdrew. Koschei, like Lemuria, would find their forces fighting all over the world as the war became truly global; engaging in a number of actions in Tunisia, the pacific, China, and even raids on the new world or Britain. But as the war dragged on, it became increasingly clear to the Axis' more esoteric allies that the war would be lost. By spring of 1945, Koschei withdrew his forces from Europe as the vengeful allies closed in from all sides; and after some final actions in Manchuria and Okinawa; decided that Japan too was a lost cause.

Heinarch was taken aback by the defeat of the Axis, but was convinced it was a temporary setback. The living were clearly too weak to achieve the great plan at the time and given time; his master would attain all his old power and more. The necrocrats were of course; wanted for trial (or simple destruction) by all the allies, the Soviet government in particular deeply wishing to have their heads on a pike, but Koschei would never allow them that chance as he worked his schemes. Heinarch himself would partake in a number of strikes against both sides of the cold war as well as battles with various other hero or villain organizations and at times, aliens as Koschei saw them as threats to his plans; often working at his own initiative to try and increase the power of his master. And in time; the necrocrats were elated to see the fall of the Soviet Union and Russia's deep fall from power, with Koschei asking that his servants take advantage of this to make the people of that country suffer. As many hero teams tried to struggle with no longer having the Soviet state behind them; Heinarch headed another great purge of Russian superheroes and villains; killing many of them as they sought to reorganize themselves. Many worried if Koschei was finally ready to unleash a great invasion at the peak of the dark years, the undead adding to the newborn Federation's many woes, and Heinarch's axe bit into flesh again and again. But all at once, Koschei relented; sensing that change was upon the world again.

He began to look west, setting aside his ancient grudge against Ivan's country for the time being; though he let some continue to terrorize the people of eastern europe and northern asia. Though already involved in the world's affairs, Koschei dispersed his forces more to investigate his premonitions of great change in the future, with many settling in the darkest parts of Titan city; Heinarch being among them when he was deployed to the city at the start of the 2010s. With the uncovering of the first hints of the buried Alikoro and Jiracho outposts on earth; Heinarch found his answer, and deployed forces to try and gather what artifacts he could for his master. Someone who has known defeat only a few times, Heinarch has quite swiftly joined Titan city's pantheon of villains

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by Exo-Buster
Codename: Harvester
Real Name: ???
Height: 2.3 meters
Mass: 122 kilograms
Age: ???
Nationality: ???
Alignment: Villain
Allegiance: Solo

Abilities: Extremely quick and agile, wields a pair of blades made of an unknown form of metal sheathed in energy capable of slicing through nearly any form of matter with ease, robotic resilience, strength, and durability. Wields a railgun sniper used to pick off targets before charging into melee range, as well as wrist launchable ferrite spikes to impale heroes before carving them to pieces up close and personal. Able to analyze the weaknesses of enemies and even turn invisible to stalk them before appearing from nowhere to slay them. Extremely quick and capable self repair systems allow it to resuscitate itself again and again no matter how many times its destroyed. Strong resistance to magic and power nullifier/weapon jammer grenades.

Appearance: A single cyclopean optic rests at the center of the Harvester's head, blood red in colour when in kill mode while tear like patterns are traced from the eye; as if it were crying. The harvester is unnaturally and frightfully thin, far too thin to be able to take punches from Centurion. Antennae like blades emerge from the temples of the Harvester, while its blades are made of a metal that's near pitch black, dark even next to its oversaturated grey colour scheme. Its feet end in bird like claws, while it has six fingers on its hands; all clawed and sharp. The Harvester has somewhat flaring pauldrons, and tends to wrap itself in a cloak. When not in kill mode, the harvester stands straighter and its optics are a calm and friendly white and its tone is much more pleasant; though the emergence of the kill mode personality can be extremely abrupt and sudden as it suddenly raises its voice, its voice deepens, and its language becomes far more violent and harsh.

History: The Harvester came to the world through a portal some time in the mid 2010s. The Harvester almost immediately gained notoriety for being able to switch between a calm and friendly demeanor to extreme violence at the drop of a hat. At first introducing itself in a polite, friendly tone, when one policeman accidentally brandished a weapon the harvester's optics and leylines turned blood red. In moments, every police official on the site was in pieces and more than a hundred civilians were dead; including two heroes. It then seemed to try and "fix" the corpses, attempting to place organs cannibalized from other bodies to try and resuscitate the mutilated bodies, to no avail; only making the site even bloodier. The harvester however, did collect memorabilia from the supers it killed; taking the cape from Nova-Man and taking Laser Lass' visor; thus earning it the name of harvester.

The Harvester then quickly disappeared into Titan City's urban legendarium, melting away and appearing at random to attack heroes and villains it deems have done "an injustice that must be repaid" and comes in to "punish you by will of the conclave" as it told one vigilante before it ripped them to pieces. The Harvester works very quickly, appearing in an area and announcing its target before opening up with a railgun round and then following up with ferric darts, a nullifier grenade, and then leaping in to try and carve the target to pieces with its swords. Many have been sent to the hospital or even outright killed before they ever knew what was happening, the Harvester leaving as quickly as it appeared with a new trophy in its collection. What goals, if any the Harvester truly has are a mystery, and its motives are currently unknown besides some vague "hatred of the thieves of the future". However, many break into a cold sweat when the lights begin to flicker and a door or window is heard to break. Such means the Harvester has come for a target in the vicinity, and only a hard fought battle can hope to drive the Harvester away.

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by dawho5
Wasn't sure where to put this, but I have this idea of a Vigilante group that doesn't really have NPCs running around doing their work for them, figured it fit best here.

They aren't necessarily finished, I have details I need to put finishing touches on and I'm trying to find certain posts I've read before before I do that. I wasn't going to put a ton more time into it unless there s time/resources to include them in release or later.

The Renegades: A group of vigilantes not liked by law enforcement due to their often brutal method of enforcement.

Affiliation: Vigilante

Areas of Influence: Graystone Valley, Sticksland, Westside, Salem, HQ located in Overlook, they will operate anywhere but usually stay away from law enforcement. Police and most heroic organizations are at best suspicious of them.


Bio - Peacemaker is an oddity. He is a masked vigilante who uses modern pistols designed after his chosen name. He came to the attention of the public roughly around the same time as the Conundrum and Mr. Grim, even frequenting the same areas. Peacemaker always had different methods, prefering to leave his victims to the police when possible or disable them in some way. This is not to say he didn't leave more persistent enemies dead. One day Conundrum, Grim and Peacemaker met by chance and things went badly. After a while though, they agreed to team up and the Renegades were formed. Peacemaker and Grim have been disagreeing on how to handle criminals ever since, but they manage to run the Renegades efficiently nonetheless.

Personality - Peacemaker is mostly serious, but has a sense of humor that can border on cruel, think Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. He and Grim share a need for planning and caution going into a dangerous situation. They also are both very passionate about justice being done, even if they disagree on how. Despite their differences they are friends, even if their relationship is often strained. Peacemaker is more of a gentle leader of the team when he can be, trying to forge deeper relationships between members. He is patient and kind with most of the Renegades, the closest thing they have to a father figure. The team is held together by respect for his history of fighting crime and fear of Mr. Grim's bad side. He is conscious of both and makes sure to keep the respect and fear alive.

Appearance - the Lone Ranger, brown hair, tall, lanky

Powers/Abilities - Peacemaker was born with a highly enhanced central nervous system. This gives him the appearance of super reflexes, but the truth is that when he focuses he sees things in slow motion. He is a competent hand to hand fighter, but prefers his two six-shooters and staying at range. Peacemaker is also a master tactician and strategist who can formulate plans in less than a second based on seeing a situation momentarily.

Mr. Grim

Bio - The vigilante named Mr. Grim was one of the founding members of the Renegades. He did not take the name himself, but was simply given the name by his then teammate The Conundrum. Criminals had begun calling him "The Grim Reaper" due to his penchant for leaving more criminals dead than alive. His partner saw the name as humorous (not the first or last time he and Grim disagreed on humor) and it ended up sticking. After Conundrum's death, Grim became even more violent. He rarely left criminals alive, and when he did they were usually hanging on by a thread.

Personality - Grim has a deadly serious personality that borders on psicosis. Even small criminal acts can be considered gross miscarriages of justice and punished with beatings that leave criminals in the hospital for weeks. Grim is a master planner who leaves almost nothing to chance when attacking criminals. He seems to have no sense of humor, even gallows humor is lost on him. Grim is a loyal friend, but tends to stay distant from people. He is also one of the more stubborn people you will ever meet. Peacemaker is considered a friend despite their differences of opinion. The rest of the team he keeps a safe distance from. Sister Sledge has made her attraction to Grim known and he has shown signs of returning it, but keeps his distance nonetheless. If Peacemaker is the father figure, Grim is the scary uncle who keeps everyone in line.

Appearance - black balaclava with a white skull and expressionless mouth, white goggles over the top, military style tactical vest, kneepads and combat boots, 5'11" 170 lbs., head to toe covered in kevlar,

Powers/Abilities - Grim is a master martial artist, trained in a form of no-nonsense, close-range fighting. Short power, quick movement and devastating throws are the bulk of his fighting style, eschewing all but the most basic of kicks associated with most martial artists. He has a stockpile of military grade firearms and explosives for use in the right situation and always has several knives on his person. Grim is an excellent sniper, but rarely uses that skill. His goggles are high tech, allowing him to see the heat spectrum, magnify his vision, track super speed enemies and he carries several darts that he can use to track enemies using the goggles.


Bio - Fade, real name Simon Rellings, is a magic user of some power. He uses his magic to augment the martial arts that he has trained in since a young age. Rellings grew up in Sticksville where his family always struggled to stay above the poverty line. He was fortunate enough to be noticed by someone in the magic community and taught to control his gift for magic. Rellings was competent with basic defensive magic and hopeless with offensive spells. He found his true strength to be invisibility, phasing and teleportation magic. At age 22 his training was cut short. Rellings was informed one day that his parents and younger sister had been the victims of a robbery gone wrong. He rushed home and immediately returned to his teachers. Always impulsive and headstrong, Simon demanded that his teachers use divination to determine who had killed his family. When they refused, Rellings stormed out and began fighting crime on the streets. Eventually he came across the Renegades. His goals and theirs lined up and Simon quickly proved himself to be one of the best fighters in the Renegades.

Personality - Rellings is dead set on doing what's right, regardless of the circumstances going in or afterwards. He will fearlessly charge into whatever danger is in front of him, often to the detriment of his team or himself. When confronted about it, Simon refuses to give an inch. He does care about his teammates and the innocents they try to protect, it just tends to be lost in the face of his need to make things right. Simon has a sarcastic and dry sense of humor. He is friends with Steelhand and the Imp. Simon sees the Imp as a welcome respite from all of the serious crimefighting. Hammerhead is often seen as a kindred spirit, even if there are times where the two will take their differences into the training room. Simon cannot stand Sister Sledge, seeing her as far too uptight. Voltara is an enigma to him, flirting with him even when they were enemies. Simon has a great amount of repect for both Peacemaker and Mr. Grim. He sees both sides of most arguments and tends to mediate.

Appearance - blond hair, blue eyes, 5'9", 160, black top/tights at the feet and chest that fades into grey then into the white belt as it gets towards the center, sometimes wears a light grey duster

Powers/Abilities - Fade can use his magic to make himself invisible as well as up to 4 others for a limited time. He can also use magic to allow himself and 4 others to "phase out" and become immaterial momentarily to allow projectiles to pass through or walk through walls, etc. He has limited abilities to shield himself and his teammates from harm magically as well as the ability to teleport himself and 4 others someplace he has been before. Fade is also a skilled martial artist, even if his recklessness can get the better of him when he fights.

Sister Sledge

Bio - Kate Thornton had always been much stronger than she looked. She couldn't bench press cars, but all the boys knew better than to mess with her. She grew up with no real family in Graystone Valley, a child of the system. One day the people who ran one of the less reputable "gentlemen's clubs" in town decided she would make a fine addition to their staff. This touched off a weeks long conflict that got the notice of the Renegades and Thornton joined the Renegades as Sister Sledge.

Personality - Sledge is a highly independent woman, often refusing help in personal matters to the point of threatening even her friends if they interfere. Sledge is usually one of the more cheerful members of the squad outside of combat. She is attracted to Mr. Grim, some believe due to the way thy either agree on things or clash on them with almost no middle ground. Kate is intelligent and has a dark sense of humor. This reminds Mr. Grim just a little of his deceased friend, the Conundrum. As such, their relationship is a difficult one. Kate is friendly with Steelhand, seeing him as the brother she never had. They disagree on methods, but both are dedicated to the justness of their cause. Sledge has a grudging respect for Hammerhead, but the two do not mix well. Fade has always gotten on Kate's nerves with his cocky attitude and boldness when it came to women. Sledge and the Imp swap jokes all the time, they are the best of friends and inseperable in combat. She has a great respect for Peacemaker even if she doesn't always agree with him. She sees Voltara as self-centered and dangerous.

Appearance - Common woman in her 30s when not in the patchwork armor, attractive but in no way flaunts it, 5'2" 110 lbs.

Powers/Abilities - Sister Sledge is named for the large sledgehammer she uses with great efficacy in combat. She has enhanced strength enough to wield an industrial sized sledgehammer as if it were a normal claw hammer despite being 5'2" and 110 lbs. As well as wearing a suit of pieced together metal plates as protection. As one might expect, her methods are not exactly subtle. She has been known to carry several smaller hammers for the purpose of throwing.


Bio - Eric Smith was the child of an abusive father. His father's abuse was not contained to any one member of the household while growing up in Westside. Eric's mother and all 5 siblings were subject to it as well. Always big for his age, Eric grew up to be 6'1" and 230 lbs. and veteran of more than a few street brawls. He spent more time on the street than at home for obvious reasons. When he was 17 Eric brutally attacked his father. Eric ended up leaving him in a coma and his mother kicked Eric out of the house after calling him an ungrateful son. Eric continued his association with various street gangs, eventually coming into contact with Peacemaker and Mr. Grim the wrong way. Peacemaker's way won out on this occasion and Eric had found a way to put his anger to good use. Eric had been a mechanic and tinkered with just about everything throughout life. He had just never seen the use in it. Eric started stealing the parts he knew he needed to make himself a suit that would allow him to battle crime and opression on the streets he grew up hating.

Personality - Eric is more than a little violent and prone to fits of rage that only Mr. Grim (when he's feeling like it) can talk him down from. Eric has a teasing sense of humor at times. He also has trouble discerning criticism from a personal attack and will fly off the handle as well. This combination can make him difficult to deal with. He is at best impatient even when dealing with his creations. Countless pieces of useful equipment have been smashed into the wall of his workshop. About the only friend he has is Mr. Grim. Sledge gets on his nerves, he has come close to attacking Voltara (bad idea) and Steelhand is such a whiner. Eric is on good terms with the Imp, but often needs to get away from the constant wisecracks. Fade is somebody that Eric very often will talk to. It's not that the two are the best of friends, sometimes they fight more than anyone else. They share the recklessness, headstrong attitude and lack of forethought that often gets them both in trouble. Hammerhead has no real problems with Peacemaker, but will usually side with Mr. Grim in debates.

Appearance - Think a more modern variation on steampunk, he hasn't got the money to put together a slick power suit, but he's no slouch in using whatever he can get his hands on and making it work. Also, the name should tell you the helmet needs to be made for headbutting criminals into submission. :) Without the suit he's a 6'1" 230 lb African American.

Powers/Abilities - Eric could fight from a young age, but he's always been a brawler. Training with Grim and Fade has given him some finesse, but not much. His true gift is his ability to make simple parts into semi-complex machines that benefit him or his allies in a fight. His suit gives him protection as well as boosting his strength and incorporating a gun on the right wrist and a retractable 8" blade on the left.


Bio - Henry Thompson Jr. grew up on the streets of Steelville, son of a steel worker, grandson of a steelworker, great grandson of a steelworker. He was as tough as any of his ancestors, but Henry saw how the work wore his father down for little to no gain. They got by, but that wasn't going to be enough for Henry. Henry took up boxing out of high school and kept wrestling (state runner-up twice), pursuing a mixed martial arts career. He had a good amount of success, but an incident after a fight led him to Sticksland. When Henry saw what was going on in his city, Henry decided he needed to help put things right. It wasn't long before he was recruited by both Peacemaker and Mr. Grim to join the Renegades. Hammerhead fashioned Henry a non-powered (at Henry's request) suit of body armor for his torso, arms and legs.

Personality - Henry is reserved and middle of the road, for the most part. His refusal to give up has often gotten him much farther in his pursuits than his physical gifts would have suggested. He has never been "the best", coming in second in state wrestling twice, always falling just short in his several title fights. This can have an adverse effect on him at times. His parents were always disappointed in him for not carrying on the family tradition. He struggles with disapproval from others as it reminds him of his parents and can afffect his confidence. He gets along with Peacemaker and the Imp, but finds that Hammerhead and Grim go too far for his tastes. The interactions between Steelhand and those two is always tense as they bring out the worst in him. He actively avoids Voltara and doesn't speak to her when he doesn't have to. His best friend and favorite sparring partner is Fade. Despite their seemingly opposite personalities they get along very well. Henry is fond of Sister Sledge and often goes to her for advice.

Appearance - The suit is Kevlar with a layer of woven steel underneath. Knuckles are reinforced with a steel shell and generous padding underneath. It is dark blue with silver plates over the upper arms, outside of the forearms, thighs and shin guards.

Powers/Abilities - Henry is a very good fighter, but not on the level of Fade or Mr. Grim. His suit provides him with a good degree of protection while still allowing him to move well. His name is very suggestive of his fighting style, preferring to beat his opponents into submission. Henry, despite his lack of confidence at times, is a very gritty fighter. His steadfast denial that he had been beaten has saved the Renegades on more than one occasion.

The Imp

Bio - Kyle Faulkner was like any other kid up until the age of 14. Shortly after his 14th birthday he began a transformation into something not human, something he later found out was a genetic mutation that had been dormant for his whole life. His skin became leathery and much thicker. Wings sprouted from his back, bat-like wings large and strong enough to allow him to fly but not huge. His fingers and toes became talons, amplifying the strength in his hands and feet. His family was willing to try and see him through to the end, but Kyle was aware of the taunts thrown at them. When he found that his mutation was permanent, he left them. Kyle took up a life of living off of the scraps people dropped and stealing small amounts to survive when he needed to. Peacemaker came across the Imp (he no longer called himself Kyle) and the two formed a friendship, leading to the Imp becoming part of the Renegades.

Personality - He is known as the Imp for a reason. Kyle was blessed with a family that stressed the value of humor in the face of adversity. And he was faced with a lot of adversity. His sense of humor pervades all things, to the point where the Imp fails to bow to the gravity of any situation and skip the wisecracks. His sense of humor can be dark, it can be teasing, he finds humor in all things. This endears him to Mr. Grim as well, even if he will never show it. The Imp is also a very caring and empathic individual. He is very often the heart and moral compass (when one exists) for the Renegades. His relationships with the rest of the group are mostly positive, as he sees the best of each of them and thinks they can all become something better.

Appearance: He looks like a 4' tall imp. Blackish-purple in color with glowing orange eyes.

Powers/Abilities: The Imp can fly at very fast speeds. He can spit a stream of orange acid out of his mouth that corrodes most metals almost instantly. Flesh as well, but this is not a common usage. The Imp's skin is thick and leathery, providing a good amount of protection from damage. His strength is roughly equal to that of Hammerhead without the suit despite his size. The Imp can use either his hands or his feet to grip and hold himself vertically from seemingly impossible surfaces. He has studied tactics under Peacemaker, making him a dangerous foe.


Bio - Growing up in an area of Kingsport bordering Stockton was difficult for Tara Nguyen. Her family had been dockworkers and grocers and convenience store clerks for as long as she'd known. The stories of little to no government help after the disaster in Stockton resonated with Tara because her family had run a successful business there. After the disaster they were left with nothing. When 19 year old Tara was badly electrocuted while committing an act of petty theft, she was burned over 75% of her body. In the hospital a recovering Tara found that she could now take the electricity still flowing through her body and use it in various ways. At first, she took her anger and bitterness out on the town she felt had ruined her family's lives. She was recruited by a shadowy figure to "do some damage" in Graystone Valley, another dead end town and gladly took the offer. The Renegades stopped her, touching off a series of violent encounters. Over this time Tara began to respect her enemies and has formed a shaky alliance with them of late.

Personality - Tara is ruled by her bitterness that her life is not what it should have been. She is intelligent and does at times have a sense of humor. Her demeanor is usually angry and resentful of others. She is argumentative and refuses to admit she is wrong even if evidence is presented. Hammerhead clashes with her constantly. She sees Fade as easily manipulated and foolish. Tara likes to pick on Steelhand and try to break him down, sometimes when it is least advantageous to the team. Sister Sledge and Voltara have never gotten along, Tara sees Sledge as judgemental and condescending. She gets along with Imp, mostly because he refuses to let her drag him down. Tara is usually on her best behavior with Peacemaker and Mr. Grim because she needs their approval to be part of the team. Overall, Tara is unpredictable and could revert to being a criminal at any point. She does enjoy Mr. Grim's brand of justice, often dispensing offenders with a smile on her face.

Appearance - very attractive Asian woman in a dark blue full body suit with lightning bolts down the sides (covers the burns), long hair, oddly shaped mask (covers the burns), 5'0", 105 lbs

Powers/Abilities - Tara can channel electricity into bolts to throw at her enemies. She can also charge strikes with electricity, even if she's never been a hand to hand fighter. She can travel as electricity along any conductor. Tara can also create globes and prisons of electricity that remain for some time. She is easily the most powerful of the Renegades in terms of raw potential.

Re: Characters General Discussion

Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:57 pm
by Golden Girl
Thanks for the suggestions - we're still working our way through all the ideas that have been posted by the community to see which ones will fit best with the overall structure of the world - although because of the amount of story work that's already been done, suggestions that make it into the game would likely come post-launch.

NPC Character costumes so far

Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:51 pm
by Greengo
Just a quick critique of the costumes on the web site of your hero(?) npc's. Of course, I am still classified as an amateur, but I thought I'd give my observations. Been interested in costume design for many decades and make my own, of course. Some people seem to really like my ideas. Hope you do too.

Centurion - get rid of the panties. doesn't look good on that costume design. With a name like "Centurion" he has to have a helmet. Chest emblem needs to be higher, and it looks kinda vague. Maybe black outlines instead of red? Lose the two toned (silver) on the boots

Shadow Walker - If you are going all black, cover the lower half of his face with mask as well.

Princess Zandra - drop the headband. Tiara and headband togeher are gauche. Lose the blue boots. Make them green. Make jewels all brighter, lighter green, as well as the glow on the spear. Belt: black

Mystic Master - UGH. Use a darker grey, Raise the belt and get rid of the panties (yes, again). Use grey cape. man that aqua clashes with the purple.

Brazen - Awful DULL for someone named Brazen. More yellow or deeper golden (whichever way you want to look at it). Make all the black parts blue and make the blue all a brighter shade, but not too bright

Celestial Sorceress - Well done, but I question the mask. MAke it a face framing tiara thing like The Scarlet Witch.

Agent S - meh

Silver Lightning - why blue and red accents? Don't work well with silver. How about a medium grey where you have red, and black where you have blue? Oh, and definitely needs a chest lightning bolt.

Re: Characters General Discussion

Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:43 pm
by Golden Girl
A few characters have had some minor tweaks made to them since the art was posted - the largest change has been Celestial Sorceress, to emphasize her alien origin more than before.