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Faction Relations

Unread postby Exo-Buster » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:05 pm

This is not just a thread for discussing how the various factions perceive and interact with each other, but also a dump for my take on it; inspired by the Faction Diplomacy pages from the long defunct Red Alert 3 paradox mod and its planned submods.

First, a scale I use; cribbed from Paradox:

Alliance: These organizations are joined at the hip. Not only are they on good terms with each other, they cooperate with each other to the point that being separate can be almost unusual in its own way. This level of relation tends to be reserved for organizations that ultimately fall under the same umbrella organization.

Peace: While not fully symbiotic to the degree an Alliance would entail; factions at peace are friendly and cooperative with one another, though they remain rather independent from each other.

Friendly: These organizations, while not having too much in the way of any formal agreements, regard each other highly and are likely to cooperate informally if the need arises.

Neutral: These factions are on neither particularly good terms with each other nor particularly bad ones. This might be born out of the other faction being perceived as irrelevant to the first one's interests or simply from a lack of interaction or there being seen to be no real need for either conflict or friendship.

Mixed: The relationship between these two factions is highly unstable and prone to rapid shifts. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they fight with each other quite violently. Mercenary organizations tend to be quite prone to this flip flopping of allegiances in particular.

Hostile: While perhaps not going as far as to seek each other's outright immediate destruction, these organizations do not like each other. Their rhetoric towards each other is unfriendly and belligerent, they have the other watched closely, low level conflict occurs from time to time and quite often a simple spark is all that's needed to spark all out conflict.

War: These two factions are in a state of open conflict with each other. The gloves are off and now both factions are seeking to tear each other apart. Typically this will mean that they will continually seek ways to bring about the other's downfall at nearly any given opportunity unless a severe third party threat arises.

Antithesis: At this point there is no turning back; this is to the death and to the end. At this level of relationship there is no forgiveness, the two have decided that they cannot tolerate each other's existence, at the end one shall stand and one shall fall. Antithetical organizations tend to be irreconciliably opposed at the most fundamental levels. They will go much farther than seeking the other's defeat; only their complete destruction will suffice. It's fair to say that at this level of relations; hate is the primary emotion guiding their interactions.

Unknown: Unknown means that at least one faction is largely in the dark about the other. Quite often it means that they outright don't even know the existence of the other faction or each other; but it can also refer to when one or both factions knows only vague details that ultimately aren't substantial enough for any significant interactions. Whereas most relations are generally mutual, unknown can be one sided.

Anyway before I post in universe snippets (as I'll need access to more information on that subject) here's my view of inter-faction relations. All of the following is one big WIP that I'll try to continually update.



Sewer Rats: As a major international terrorist group, a local crime gang such as the sewer rats are at best disposable assets and at worst obstacles to be removed in Skorpion's path to ascendancy. So long as they don't interfere with Skorpion's plans for world domination, the Rats can be safely ignored until useful.

Kobold Klan: Like other such gangs, Skorpion is not overtly interested in their affairs unless they are deemed useful to one of the Baron's schemes.

Crows: Thieves have their uses to Skorpion but they also can prove to be nuisances when they forget their place and try to steal from Skorpio itself. Given that they often share enemies though, Skorpio refrains from putting any real effort to crushing the crows.

Alpha Dawgs: Deluded fraternity kids are easy dupes if strung along indirectly. While most aren't willing to directly find themselves in the Baron's employ, it's easy enough to use them as a cat's paw for their own ends.

Cosa Nostra: The Cosa Nostra, better known as the Mafia is one of; if not the world's most widespread traditional organized crime unit. While rather loosely organized, the Mafia's reach is as widespread as the Italian diaspora even as other organizations such as the Russian Bravta and the Asian Triads and Yakuza attempt to establish themselves. The Costa Nostra and Skorpio's relation is thus an immensely complicated affair. They can flip flop between amicable business and open gun fights at the drop of a hat and more than a few of their higher ups have been assassinated by the other while it hasn't been unknown for them to work together.

Sewer Slimes: Mindless pests such as these have little to concern Skorpion besides attacks on operations in Titan city's sewers or clever use as impromptu guard dogs.

Titan City Police Department: The TPD often finds itself on the front lines when Skorpion rears its head in Titan City. Though an amazingly well equipped police force, Skorpion has the advantage in resources and technology; generally leading to the TPD needing outside help, particularly when Skorpion is aiding one of their sponsored villains.

U.S Military: Direct attacks on the armed forces of any national military always have to be planned carefully as while Skorpion has the equipment to stand triumphant against most of them; such almost certainly guarantees a response in kind. Khemrat's officially independent nature however, has allowed Skorpion a great deal of leeway by simply having their puppet state refuse access to American troops while Skorpion's bases tend to be quite well defended from hostile attack.

Mind over Matter: M.O.M's ideals of providing for a nurturing education for all psions is a noble enough goal, but the Baron cares little for the nobility of ideals. What M.O.M represents to Skorpion is a large collection of Psychics who if left unchecked; would pose a substantial threat, but also can be perhaps used to the advantage of Skorpio by capturing and brainwashing its students and faculty and thus bolster the ranks of Skorpio's psychics.



Sewer Rats: Minor gangs often end up being literal food for the undead monstrosities that the Nighthaunters create, and otherwise tend to end up being dupes or even cannon fodder as the Nighthaunters chase them away from areas they hope to claim; sending them running to the surface in a panic and generally attacking the surface in the process.

Crows: Most of the Crows know very well to stay very far away from Koschei's minions and in turn, Koschei and his Necrocrats have seen little need to bother the gang of thieves; though some who have dared to steal from the Archlich have met terrible fates.

Cosa Nostra: It takes a borderline insane Mafioso to cavort with someone like Koschei, even were he not powerful enough for many to label him a dark god the menace of his walking dead is more than enough to spook away most Mafiosos. However sometimes the Mafia makes offers that do interest the lord of undeath and sometimes Dons find themselves signing over to agreements with the Dark Lord of Necromancy. Some Dons even utilize sinister dark magics shared by Koschei's necromancer; and the mysterious Midnight Kingpin outright serves as a liaison between the Nighthaunters and the Cosa Nostra.

Triads: It takes a desperate criminal to seek favor with the forces of darkness, especially ones who so gleefully profane the dead. However, Koschei has secrets to teach for a price, and often these Asian-American gangs are willing to pay it.

Bravta: Koschei hates all Slavs and Russians in particular, regardless of how innocent or guilty they are. The Bravta are killed on sight by the Nighthaunters and their shambling corpses brought into his dark army. Many cells of these Russian mobsters have been wiped out in their totality; their bases turned into scenes of horror as they are made to pay penance for the sins of their forefathers who stopped Koschei's attempt to rule the world in the distant past.

Candlelight Council: The Nighthaunters have been active for far longer than the Council and Koschei has dismissed Bruxia as "little more than a toddler waving a wand between bouts of drooling." Still, despite their often bitter dislike of each other; they occasionally have bouts of teeth clenched teamwork as they aid each other with the other's goals about as often as they try to sabotage each other. There is little doubt that Koschei is the more powerful sorcerer than Bruxia by far (the first and last time they fought, Koschei parried her best spells without even paying her any attention as he sought to grab an artifact being contested by many mystical groups), but the Council has more appeal to those not willing to embrace undeath eternal and has a rather shorter list of enemies.

Ex-Soviets: It matters not what political beliefs they have, Koschei will never truly be happy so long as any Russian draws breath. He sought to destroy their country in its moment of weakness in the 90s and long plagued the Soviet Union throughout the cold war, and to this day many Ex-Soviets who ordinarily still try to fight the cold war with western metahumans have come asking for help when the Nighthaunters come to kill them.
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Re: Faction Relations

Unread postby Golden Girl » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:12 am

Relations between the various groups and characters in the game will play an important part in how the stories unfold, although we haven't finalized all the design details for their interactions yet.
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