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Alikoro Mobs

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So after taking a significant break from the community due to personal reasons (and also getting heavily involved in RTS modding projects) I've decided to come back and start putting what I learned about unit design in my time in the RTS community to work here. So I figured I'd work on the Alikoro since they're the central bad guys of the questline I've had under various stages of development for a while. All lore written here is written with a perspective that takes place after a planned questline I hope to finish and submit. In my current vision; the Alikoro and Jiracho's sentries are still slumbering in the "present" of HaV at launch and awaken later in a story arc.

The Alikoro mobs are based around a few central themes; turning the strengths of enemies against them, adaptation, and efficiency. Over the course of the Eternity War between the Alikoro ruled Ur-Hierarchy and the Jiracho guided Ard-Dominion the Alikoro unleashed weapons of unimaginable devastating power, and even more than two hundred and fifty million years of their disappearance (coinciding with the Permian mass extinction event) the left over tools and devices of the Hierarchy are among the deadliest threats anyone can face in this or any other universe. The simple rumor of technology from the eternity war has lead to massive interstellar wars over the scraps of these two universe spanning civilizations, and Earth was apparently at some point a battleground in the eternity war based on the number of relics they left behind; including a number of outposts whose defenders reactivated with extreme prejudice in response to attempts to pilfer them.

The Alikoro are as a whole, a late to end game enemy set. The Alikoro Temple Hive and the Eternal War Zone tile sets are places that most characters should avoid until the late game. Even late and endgame players will probably find some of their hardest challenges here against an incredibly ancient enemy seeking to reignite a war that ended very long ago. The general feel you should get is that you're facing an overwhelming enemy that regards humanity as little more than bacteria that winded up evolving on its turf; and even more disturbingly you aren't even fighting the Alikoro proper; just their leftovers.

Alikoro mobs can be divided into roughly three subcategories: the Assimilator Plague, the Processed, and the Creata with a fourth "Auxiliary" category being a grab all for something that doesn't fit in the above. These initial enemies are just a short list that I'll expand after some feedback and as I get more time to write for them.

Assimilator Plague:

The Assimilator plague draws heavily from the Thing, the Flood from Halo, the Technocyte Infestation in Warframe, and other such parasitic "space zombie" plagues; though with some influence from the Tyranids and Zerg being present as well. The Assimilator Plague is a femto or attomechanical artificial contagion that was developed as a superweapon during the Eternity war, a disease that was able to consume whole galaxies over the course of the many billions of years long Eternity War, infamous at its height for how rapidly it could devour whole swathes of space. The Assimilator Plague is controlled by Alikoro Thought-Absorbers, which serve as hive minds for the plague; often created in rather grotesque fashion by compiling the grey matter of large numbers of life forms and computation machinery.

The plague is able to infect both synthetic and organic forms of life, and can rapidly convert even inorganic material into useful material for the plague's war effort. Upon infection, incubation can range from the Assimilator laying low for months or even years to terrifyingly taking over the body in seconds. The victim will have their whole body repurposed for the sake of war; growing all manner of horrific techno-organic growths and horrific deformities as their bodies are twisted, bent, consumed, and reformed into shapes the Thought-Absorbers deem more battle worthy. Those infected are only scarcely recognizable as members of their former species, often through remnants of their clothing or through remnants of their features. Luckily for life as we know it; Jiracho meddling has made current life forms considerably more resistant than they used to be to the plague, and those with superpowers seem to be extremely resilient to infection in particular. However as the rapid infection of a Skorpio strike team trying to investigate the Alikoro hive-pyramid found near Titan city have found; the Plague can batter down defenses if allowed to. To the horror of supernatural entities, even beings like the undead and demons can be infected by the plague; with many of Koschei's unliving skeletal warriors having joined the ranks of the plague.

General gameplay: Assimilator Plague mobs really put the "mob" in mob. They come at players and enemy NPCs in enormous numbers; rushing and scrabbling at them in a thicket so great even a blind man could hit something ten times out of ten. Some simply run, others leap and jump, some fly, but it's quite rare for them to be slow. The plague is very melee focused, so keeping your distance is the best way to handle them, and you had best hope your crowd control and AoE is up to snuff. Beyond the simple tactic of rushing at you in a big mob they of course have other tactics, largely oriented around unit synergy so that higher ranking units provide certain buffs to other units to make their job easier.

Enemy Types:

Grabbers: Pure Assimilator plague techno-organic mass, Grabbers resemble octopodes with harder limbs for running, charging, and leaping onto victims in search of victims. These small low quality minions come in huge hordes, crawling across all possible surfaces in search of anything to assimilate or simply something to stab to death. Though fragile and weak, their sheer numbers has given many metahumans nightmares as they come in seemingly endless waves to try and exhaust targets for more important Assimilators to have a better chance at taking down the target in question.

Shriekers: Named for their distinctive ear piercing shrieks, Shriekers were once human before being converted into bellumorphs by the Assimilator Plague. Seeing the world through radially arranged compound eyes; with whatever heads they once had having been devoured and replaced with the parasitic infection that has claimed their body, while loping forward with scythe arms and their old weapons in their other hand; grown and fused into their arms, these disfigured monstrosities show no signs of their former personalities and near unthinking aggression against all other life forms.

Borer: Assimilator biomass that has grown around weapons, these hexapedal nightmares have literally grown their bodies around weaponry to make use of them, though some more developed Borers use techno-organic weapons grown by the infestation itself. Roughly the size of a dog, Borers can scuttle on walls and jump from point to point to keep enemies in their sights, and even hang from the ceiling without issue in attempts to ambush enemies of the plague.

Murderers: Adapted from quadrepedal animals, Murderers can jump enormous distances to impale targets with mantis like forelimbs and deal vicious bleed damage over time upon a successful pounce. Fragile but stealthy, murderers tend to hang away from combat until they're needed; whereupon they jump at a target in an attempt to quickly kill them while they're busy with other enemies.

Roarers: Larger Assimilated, Roarers exude powerful healing auras that regenerate the injuries of their fellows suffered and have the ability to regurgitate massive clouds of toxic gas that the assimilated are immune to in order to deny large areas of the battlefield to an enemy. With long stretchy tentacles, Roarers can whip distant enemies and of course, can unleash their distinctive roars which can drive their fellow Assimilated into a frenzy while scaring and disorienting their enemies.

Stalkers: Assimilated Stalkers walk on two legs, but their resemblance to the humans they once were ends there. Stalkers are in essence a step up from Murderers; able to fire tendrils that end in techno-organic bone hooks to impale an enemy to drag them closer, Stalkers help prevent enemies from getting too far away from the masses of assimilated while their massive leaps bring enemies into range of their rending claws or their ability to fire out a quick spray of poisoned spines. Stalkers can also leave traps for enemies; aided by their ability to turn invisible; leaving cysts that explode into a swarm of grabbers that will try to consume anything they can.

Sky-cysts: FLying assimilated organisms, Sky-cysts hover over the battlefield not only launching strikes with what amount to biological railguns, but can carpet bomb an area with a spread of spores that rapidly cover an area in deadly toxins and can try to stab someone with a special form of the assimilation plague in their proboscis that will cripple the stamina of those they impact; disrupting the powers of their enemies. These have made these winged horrors particularly dreaded by metahumans as they try to keep them from properly making use of their powers.

Assimilated Disruptor: Massive organisms forged from pure Assimilator plague, disruptors serve to disrupt the formations of their enemies with globules of sticky corrosive tar and wide sweeps of their hooked tentacles that can knock enemies around or drag them towards them to be attacked by their lethal crushing claws that can snap tank armor like plastic. The tar created by Disruptors slows down those who walk upon it while damaging them, and lastly they can spit forth a swarm of strange assimilated micro-fauna who swarm around their comrades to provide them with a defensive buff to make them more resilient to the attacks of others. Disruptors can also start into a charge that can send those in the way flying into the air like bowling pins to break up the momentum of the enemies of the plague.

Assimilated Metahumans: While metahumans are extremely resistant to infection on top of the natural resistance to the plague that life currently extant in the universe has, some still manage to succumb. Their bodies are turned into twisted nightmares as they are consumed by the plague. Whether hero or villain, the plague demands its pound of flesh from all, their heads replaced with the parasite's biomass and their bodies showing assymetrical techno-organic growths meant to further specialize them in combat. Assimilated metahumans' abilities depend on the exact nature of the metahuman consumed by the plague and turned into one of the infected, however all show near immunity to pain and are incredibly disregarding of any injury suffered; attacking mindlessly until they themselves are subdued. Cures do exist thankfully, based on the ancient research the Jiracho did on the plague to combat it during the Eternity War.

The Processed:

The Processed refer to all beings that have been afflicted by the Alikoro processor spore that renders all living matter into a gelatinous soup that is eminently suitable for usage as wetware for many forms of Alikoro machinery. The spore is a virulent subatomic agent that breaks down matter into processor fluid that can then be moulded into strange sorts of synthetically created life forms that are then inserted into all manner of combat frames and auxiliary machines in order to fill out the ranks of the Alikoro military. In the absence of the Alikoro, the Processed still serve as some of the most eminent defenders of their legacy and while it is possible to cure the Assimilator Plague; the Processor Spore is significantly harder to resist. In most forms, the spore is not self replicating, although it is believed that if the Alikoro Hive Temples deemed humanity to be enough of an issue they would start to develop a self replicating variant to try to wipe out the human species.

The Processed are resilient, fast, and hit hard. They are however, perhaps the most "conventional" Alikoro mob type, with conventional here meaning "fighting the most like conventional military forces." Their forces are very, very roughly humanoid; their legs are digitrade but they have two of them, they have two arms even if one ends in an arm cannon; and though they have eight compound eyes and mandibles around a proboscis; they do have a head. They do have four small arms for unknown purposes on their sides generally; perhaps meant for manipulation purposes. Their armor design should call crustaceans to mind, while exposed processed are more like jellyfish. Whereas the Assimilators are ugly and deformed, the Processed are rather more graceful in build; though certainly more brutalistic than the downright beautiful designs of the Jiracho. It should suggest that the Alikoro were originally an aquatic species; hence the generally hydrodynamic nature of their designs.

Enemy types:

Mosquitos - Underlings - The Alikoro's processor plague is infamous for it's rendering down of targeted organic matter into gelatinous slop which is used to make for more Alikoro and to cleanly eradicate populations deemed overly threatening to a planet's ecosystem. The Mosquito's task is to clean up the gelatin created from the rendered down organic material by sucking it up and moving it to processing facilities when teleportation is not available. Though not particularly threatening, Mosquitos can inject an enemy with a large dosage of nanospore plague or claw at something getting in it's way.

Observers - Underlings - Intelligence gathering is a must in any organization that expects to see combat, and that Alikoro security forces made heavy use of observer type processed drones as their war with the Jiracho rolled onwards. Not as easily blocked as remote viewing or precognition by their enemies, the Observers passively watch all things while cloaked, relaying what they see across the web of mindlinks the ancient aliens enjoy. With their sophisticated sensors and movement abilities, they are mostly problematic in that they spot enemies in hiding and assist with targeting, and they make very poor combatants.

Processor Spore Clouds - Underling: These clouds of processor spore have a single purpose, to search for things to process. Flying through the air with naked malevolence, spore clouds cling to their targets and consume them so rapidly that their targets actually burst into flames from the sheer speed of their metabolization process. All that's left of the victim after a cloud is finished is a gelatinous mass left on the floor, ready to be collected and converted into a Processed liquiform to operate any number of Alikoro machines. Thankfully, spore clouds are extremely vulnerable to AoE attacks, taking significantly more damage from them than most other enemies due to being a swarm.

Processed Servant - Minion : Testing on the slurry of matter used to make the processed shows that the Alikoro automated sentries have little regard for the original composition of the organism, freely mixing together slurry made from large numbers of organisms as they please. Some of the older processed have genetic material matched to long extinct species such as Andrewsarchus, Dilophosaurus, and Inostrovanceia as curious animals that lived millions of years ago were afflicted by the Processor spore and joined into the ranks of the sentries. Recently, many of the processed are made from humans and other alien species that predominate in the universe long after the disappearance of the Alikoro with the end of the Eternity War some two hundred and fifty million years ago. A date that curiously coincides with the Permian extinction event, the most severe loss of life the Earth has ever suffered, given the flowery name of "the great dying" by paleontologists. Though aeons long war is over, these servants continue to fight it when active; attacking those seen as tainted by the Jiracho or a hindrance to the directives of the Hive Temples' A.I.

Cont: Processed Servants fight with monstrous strength in close quarters combat as well as substantial mobility and durability; aided by potent hard light shielding. Processed servants carry some form of "flayer" weapon that agitates particles struck by the bolts until they peel off layer by layer; gruesomely ripping apart those killed into a slurry of fluids that can be then processed. This is wielded in a strange weapon that bears some resemblance to a horseshoe crab, while at close range they lash out with energy sheathed claws vibrated to high frequencies to inflict horrific injuries or simply attempt to crush targets to death.

Processed Overseer - Minion: Acting as support units, Overseers can provide additional shielding to other Alikoro units, assist with energy recharge, repair damage, or even bring non-functional units back online to keep on fighting. Though fairly fragile and having quite pathetic weaponry, Overseers are extremely dangerous because of their capacity for supporting the units that are far more suited for direct combat and their ability to suck energy out of an area to freeze and slow down targets for others to deal with.

Processed Reaver - Minion: Not every enemy is polite enough to stay at gun distances, so the Alikoro security systems developed exoskeletons designed for brutal close quarters combat. With long wrist mounted high-frequency blades and scaled down particle accelerators, the Reaver is substantially faster and has a mastery of what many would call "Parkour", even running on the sides of walls to get at their targets. This incredible agility and wall crawling allows them to literally tackle flying enemies out of the sky, and makes them extremely dangerous in cramped, indoor environments where they enjoy superior maneuverability. They are however, less hardy than their Servant counterparts and still vulnerable to being cooked alive.

Processed Seeker - Minion: These processed are placed into gravity defying, almost cephalopod like exoskeletons that grant them tremendous maneuverability to strafe enemies with a ceaseless barrage of tachyons, or throw themselves into close quarters to tear an enemy's face off. Easily capable of keeping pace with the finest airplanes or most skilled airborne metahumans, Seekers swarm the skies of activated Alikoro sites, seeming to prune the area of things deemed to be a threat to the research value of the planet.

Processed Defiler - Lieutenant: The Processed Defiler stands taller and lankier than its counterparts and has large spherical tanks on its back full of processor spore to cause grizzly forms of death to those they spot; utilizing teleportation systems to send the remains to processing plants to turn the fluid into wetware for more processed. Defilers are able to do hideous damage over time in long lines, cones, or even pulses and at close range; they can not only use claws but also arm mounted syringes filled with the processor that literally eat their victims alive from the inside out.

Processed Sniper - Lieutenant: Snipers are seen in most every modern army, and the Alikoro defence forces are little different. Using an extremely long barreled inertial weapon that strikes a target with a particle somehow accelerated beyond light speed, the Snipers strike at enemies where they least expect it. Many enemies spotted by Observers quickly found themselves shot dead by an enemy they never saw. While substantially more vulnerable if the distance is closed than their counterparts, Snipers can make use of suppression tactics to slow down an advancing enemy to some degree and flee.

Processed Hunter - Lieutenant: Somewhat cuttlefish like in shape, Hunters float through the air and are among the least humanoid of the processed. Hunters employ a combination of temporal entropy weapons to lock prey in stasis or literally decay them into oblivion and cryogenic weapons to seize their prey in their powerful high frequency tentacles and are also capable of turning invisible, letting them stalk chosen prey for the claiming. Often Hunters grab a chosen individual and teleport away with them to an unknown and almost certainly unpleasant fate.

Processed Officer - Lieutenant: Distinguished by the more prominent glacier purple hues on their armor and more generally menacing looking plating, Officers possess potent shielding that substantially adds to their durability, and are even capable of engaging a sort of strength mode that allows them to hit with substantially more force. They are dubbed commanders not just for their increased lethality, but for the fact that other Alikoro combat units seem to operate ever more effectively in their presence.

Processed Shielder - Lieutenant: Whereas officers utilize special power routing systems to engage strength mode where their exoskeletons divert power to the artificial musculature,Shielder instead utilize an armor mode where the femtotechnology in their armor rearranges itself for increased durability while more power is diverted to shielding, letting them absorb tremendous amounts of punishment even beyond what their shielding and superior suits allow. They also have the ability to manipulate gravity and space to cause attacks to curve away from allies and towards themselves to take blows in their stead.

Processed Brute - Boss: Brutes are exactly what the name entails; four meter tall walking tanks in extremely heavy combat frames fitted with two enormous cannons on both arms that can be used like riot shields when need be or extend deadly cutting blades to rip apart nearby enemies. These weapons have all manner of exotic properties, such as the matter converter that converts some of the matter struck into anti-matter for massive explosive damage; flayer rays to tear targets apart at the atomic level, and gravitonic imploders that can collapse a tank into a small hot ball of crumpled up metal. Getting near them also runs the risk of them slamming their feet into the ground for a devastating shockwave stomp that can send a tank flying into the air; and of course Brutes have staggering durability, tough armor made from unknown alloys aided by self regenerating femtomachines and multi-layered shielding. If there is any saving grace for the Earth, it is that Brutes are hardly agile opponents though they are surprisingly swift in straight lines.

Processed Commander - Boss: These Processed Combine the abilities of both shielders and officers with the ability to also turn invisible periodically. This allows them to sneak up on enemies and quickly put them down with devastating sneak attacks. Durable and fast as well, Commanders are more than a match for most metahumans, and even worse is their ability to manipulate space to teleport themselves and foes as well as make attacks less likely to hit them. Processed commanders are distinguishable by their flaring crests and enlarged pauldrons as well as having a prominent arm cannon.

Processed Magister - Boss: These flying Processed; notable for seeming to lack legs that touch the ground (instead having tong like structures that close upon themselves) and their four arms; have sophisticated machines able to manipulate the four fundamental forces as well as spacetime that they utilize to make the jobs of their opponents as difficult as possible. Magisters can slow down time for enemies, speed up their allies, magnetize enemies to make them easier to hit; alter gravity to slow them down, and render areas radioactive with the weak nuclear force to deny that space to the enemy. They can also teleport their allies and summon reinforcements, but their most feared ability is their power to "transmute" by altering the strong atomic force, which can be used to devastating effect to weaken enemies or even be used to deal considerable damage to them.

Processed Killer - Boss: These airborne cephalopod like processed are comparable to Gunships albeit far more advanced. Processed killers strike with concentrated beams of super luminal particles and rapid tiny packets of bottled anti-matter accelerated to high speed for massive damage as well as with deadly tentacles in close range. Their ability to manipulate gravity is often used to ground flying enemies or send enemies flying around; while their ability to teleport gives them substantial maneuverability advantages over most enemies.

Processed Tripod - Elite Boss: Tripods walk about on three clawed legs with tentacles waving forth from their "heads" in search of enemies to slaughter. In addition to sets of beams and anti-matter packet blasts and a flayer cannon; tripods also carry a false vacuum state device that can send out a shockwave that isn't force so much as it is reality collapsing in the area struck. These Vacuum state blasts deal enormous damage that ignores most armor and can be used in either a line in front of them or as a radial shockwave. Luckily these attacks are telegraphed by the device raising itself from their central bodies before slamming back down to fire. Tripods can also create disorientating shockwaves from their feet that not only throw enemies around but briefly increase the interactivity of neutrinos with the afflicted targets; dazing them and doing damage over time.

Processed Assassin - Elite Boss: Assassins are purpose designed to kill Supers. With deadly energy sapping attacks meant to weaken a supers' ability to utilize attacks, gravitonic, space, and time manipulators to hamper mobility, and multiple layers of defense to deal with multiple avenues of attack Assassins are able to go toe to toe with most heroes and villains and come out on top. Deadly at any range; whether with their sniper weapons, their beam emitters, implosion grenades, or their phase-shifter claws and blades; Assassins are even more feared for their ability to engage in stealth.

Processed Gunship - Monster: These Gunships stalk the skies that the Processed control, deploying forth Processed troops and attacking anyone who dares get in their way. Fitted with a bristling array of weaponry and too tough and maneuverable for conventional military forces to have a hope against, Gunships make sure that anyone who thinks they can have free reign over Processed territory is going to find themselves very mistaken very shortly.

Processed Adjutant - Arch-Villain: Adjutants serve as overminds for the Alikoro security forces' hive minds. These tentacled menaces have lethal psionic powers and a large array of potent reality altering technology. Adjutants are even able to turn allies against one another with a thought, making them all the more troublesome to deal with. Adjutants are nearly always protected by lesser Alikoro and can summon more nearly constantly; and it is believed that even if killed, the Adjutants can simply download themselves into new bodies through the hive mind.

Processed Titan - Giant Monster: Processed titans are enormous walkers that stride the earth upon eight tentacles while eight other tentacles lash around them to crush anything that would dare to get in their way. Fitted with more weapons than a small army and able to take on whole divisions of the world's best militaries and come out on top, Processed Titans are considered enough of a threat that large portions of a city's super population need to be committed to stop them. Titans also possess formidable psionic abilities to further add to the woes of anyone facing them.


The Creata are sapient but shackled drones created by the Alikoro to serve as deadly weapons and servants. Most infamous for their ability to rapidly adapt and regenerate, the Creata are exceedingly difficult to kill and are feared by metahumans the world over for their ability to adapt their defenses and offenses against powers. The more any one kind of damage or debuff or crowd control is used against them, the more resistant they become to it (this would in game, be done with health gates) to the point of near immunity, though there are certain means to "reset" their adaptations to prevent them from becoming too much of an issue. Similarly, they will attempt to tailor their damage type to best overcome a presented defense against them. While the models used on Earth were not up to the snuff of the most intense fighting of the eternity war, the Creata on Earth are still incredibly dangerous.

Creata Watcher: Watchers continually patrol areas under the control of the awoken security forces of the Alikoro, scanning for intruders who might evade the notice of their other security measures. To fall into the gaze of a Creata Watcher is to experience a paralyzing fear as manipulation of electrochemical reactions is utilized to trigger the release of fear chemicals in the brain before they unleash warding pulses of energy. Warding energy can be used to rip apart a target layer by layer or encase them in a bubble to be dealt with later, and can be released as a beam, a radial pulse, or launched as bubbles. At close range, the wing limbs of a watcher quickly arrange themselves into rapier like shapes to stab and cut an enemy to death. Watchers relay information to other Alikoro units, making them more effective against their designated targets. More concerning still however, is that when a Watcher spots an intruder; it will immediately teleport in a strike force to kill them.

Creata Battler: The Battler is named for a quite simple reason; its purpose is combat and nothing else. Battlers have eight limbs arranged in a star like pattern, each forming hard-light appendages as needed; whether blades to slice enemies to ribbons or deadly beams of hard-light that can sweep out whole areas with high energy cutting beams. Most fearsomely, Battlers can manipulate gravity; something generally used to hold down and crush a target to death or launch them sky high to disrupt their momentum. Battlers can also "blink" in spacetime, using this to teleport rapidly or teleport forth munitions that they then use their ability to alter gravity to launch forth as projectiles.

Creata Destroyer: Destroyers are employed for the purpose of ripping and tearing their enemies into pieces in close combat. Teleporting or dashing at extreme speeds to get into close combat, Destroyers wield massive crab like claws and tentacles ending in scorpion like barbs to let nothing survive their attacks. Destroyers can quickly change the type of energy sheathing their melee weapons in order to find a weakness or a flaw in a style of defense, and can alternate between quick but weak attacks and hard hitting slower attacks to try and catch opponents in at least one weakness.

Giant Monsters/raid boss:

Harvon : A colossal defender of the Hive Temple near Titan city, Harvon stands well over thirty meters tall upon huge spider like legs while tentacled arms emerge from its central body. An entire division of the U.S military was broken trying to get past Harvon which simply weathered even the worst the Army, Air Force, and Navy had to offer before sweeping them aside like pests; shrugging off even a tactical nuclear warhead. Soldiers were swept aside by massive shockwaves produced by its steps and stomps, grabbed by huge tentacles and flung aside like toys, ripped apart by deadly energy beams; or found themselves at the mercy of the Alikoro war machine's ability to manipulate the fundamental forces or even spin around like a top so violently as to create hypersonic winds in an artificial tornado. Harvon is equipped with an anti-matter catalyzer weapon that converts part of the matter it strikes into anti-matter and can be charged up for an exceedingly powerful blast; false vacuum state collapse missiles, cryogenic beams cooled to the barest fraction of a degree over absolute zero. Flayer beams also are present, as are ward bubbles to contain pesky enemies; along with some "exile rays" that temporarily banish a troublesome enemy out of this dimension. Harvon's body is essentially indestructible, but the joints of its legs and feet can be targeted to deal it some actual harm. Once its legs can not be operated, Harvon's "head/body" will separate to continue the fight; extending a set of wings as it continues to battle from the air. From here, the head will have to periodically drop its shielding to allow it to recharge; making it vulnerable to damage.


Alikoro Hive Temple: Hive Temples are named not because of any certainty of their religious nature but because of their grandiosity being comparable to religious buildings. Hive Temples on earth tend to be roughly two hundred and fifty million years old with the most recent ones' construction coinciding with the end of the great dying at the end of the Permian era. Hive Temples are enormous and foreboding constructs where space and even time are structured and flow in unusual ways, with many hallways leading to alternate dimensions and space being compressed in such a way that lets these temples be much larger on the inside than the outside. Explorers can emerge after what seemed to be weeks of exploration within only to find that a few minutes passed outside; but the danger within is not limited only to the strange nature of spacetime inside. The Alikoro war machine has begun to awaken once again and the ancient guardians have risen from their slumber to continue their old war.

Significant portions of a hive temple are always flooded, likely due to the Alikoro themselves originally being an aquatic species; and many Hive Temples are built in what is now ocean. With the passage of a quarter of a billion years many hive temples have become submerged in the earth due to the shifting of tectonic plates and thus most are deep underground or underwater; with some even being submerged in the magma chambers of volcanoes that formed around them. Whatever the case, any who enter these ancient ziggurats find that they are foreboding and unwelcoming, lit in ways that are not easy for the human eye to find its way around in, the sound of unknowable defenders omnipresent as they forever search for intruders. Lethal traps are liberally littered around the area and sentries patrol constantly; with many of the sentries being made from those who sought to plunder these ancient ruins only to fall afoul of the defenses of the hive temples and become one of the Alikoro's defenders.

Many parts of the temple are thick with the presence of the processor spore and the assimilator plague and many ancient monstrosities that have not awakened since before the dinosaurs even evolved are starting to be called forth by inscrutable A.Is that have decided that the time has come to finish the Eternity war even if their masters have not spoken in two hundred and fifty million years. And yet for all this risk, these places have immense rewards to be plundered for those willing to brave quite possibly the most dangerous places known to humanity. For those willing to brave the hydrodynamically sculpted passage ways, navigate the maze of vertical and horizontal movement and pathway dimensions and deal with no end of threats in all direction; the fruits of the Ur-Hegemony could be theirs. Such has tempted many who have sought to profit from this power or at least deny it to others, but the Sentries care little for the motives of any who enter; those who do not submit to the Hegemony are to be assimilated, one way or another.
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